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Daily Crime Log

Date/Time OccurredCase #LocationClassificationNarrativeDisposition
05/01/20183:30pmS4-18-000329CampusDisorderly ConductA student became disorderly and verbally combative during a traffic stop of another individual.Administrative Sanction
04/28/20185:16pmS4-18-000322CampusVerbal Domestic, Breach of ReleaseA student reported that her ex-boyfriend is in violation of a No Contact Order issued by the court.Pending
04/27/20181:45pmS4-18-000319Jenkins Hall Drug Abuse Violations The odor of marijuana was detected emanating from a dorm room.Administrative Sanction
04/26/20184:00pmS4-18-000325Early College High SchoolLarceny A high school student late reported that his electronic device was unlawfully removed from his backpack.Pending
04/26/20182:29pmS4-18-000314Parking Lot 4Domestic Violence (Verbal) Two students involved in a relationship were observed engaged in a verbal altercation.Cleared by Arrest
04/25/20181:31amS4-18-000312CampusTrespassingA nonstudent was issued a Notice of Trespass after unlawfully gaining access to the University after-hours.Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
04/24/20184:30pmS4-18-000311CampusLarceny Three students reported that services were not rendered by a suspect despite payment being provided.Pending
04/23/201812:48pmS4-18-000307UV1 Verbal Domestic, TrespassingTwo students who had previously been engaged in a relationship were involved in an argument in which one party refused to leave the other party's dorm room.Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
04/23/201812:00pmS4-18-000309MLK Larceny A student reported that an electronic device was unlawfully removed from the 2nd floor of building.Pending
04/23/20188:33amS4-18-000305Warren Franklin Domestic Violence (Physical) Two students who are engaged in a relationship were involved in a physical altercation that did not result in injury.Cleared by Arrest