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Daily Crime Log

Date/Time OccurredCase #LocationClassificationNarrativeDisposition
02/15/201811:15pm00177-2018Warren Franklin Criminal Mischief It was reported that a decoration was intentionally removed and damaged.Service Clear
02/15/20185:29pmS4-18-000131UCY Bldg. 4 Domestic Violence (Physical), Criminal MischiefTwo students engaged in a relationship were involved in a physical altercation that also included intentional damage of property.Cleared by Arrest
02/14/20188:29pmS4-18-000128Laws Hall Larceny A student reported that consumable goods were unlawfully removed from a common area of the building.Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
02/14/20187:40pm00170-2018UCY Bldg. 6 Domestic Violence (Verbal) A student reported that she was engaged in a verbal altercation with her boyfriend.Service Clear
02/13/201811:58pm00165-2018Laws Hall Drug Abuse Violations Drug paraphernalia was discovered in a common area of the building.Service Clear
02/13/201811:53pmS4-18-000123CampusDomestic Violence (Verbal) A nonstudent reported that she was involved in a verbal altercation with her ex-boyfriend.Administrative Sanction
02/13/20186:00pmS4-18-000125UV3 Larceny A student reported that three pairs of sneakers were unlawfully removed from his dorm room.Pending
02/12/20183:25pm00163-2018Warren Franklin HarassmentA student reported that following a disagreement, her roommate attempted to incite a physical altercation.Service Clear
02/11/20188:30pmS4-18-000121UV2 HarassmentA student reported that unknown individuals were causing alarm by knocking loudly on her apartment door.Pending
02/10/20185:40amS4-18-000115UCY Bldg. 1 Trespassing, Disorderly ConductA nonstudent was arrested for trespassing on University property and causing alarm to several students by banging on doors.Cleared by Arrest