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Daily Crime Log

Date/Time OccurredCase #LocationClassificationNarrativeDisposition
03/22/20176:00pmS4-17-000223Wellness Center Larceny A student reported that his phone charger was unlawfully removed.Pending
03/22/201710:47amS4-17-000220ECHSSimple AssaultTwo students were engaged in a physical altercation that resulted in minor injury.Pending
03/19/20175:18pmS4-17-000213Campus- Exterior of LibraryLarceny A student reported that her scooter was unlawfully removed from the exterior of the library.Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
03/19/201712:10amS4-17-000211Warren Franklin Drug Abuse Violations An anonymous tip suggested that several students were possibly involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics.Pending
03/16/20178:00pmS4-17-000216Warren Franklin HarassmentA student late reported that her ex-roommate threatened to cause bodily harm to her.Administrative Sanction
03/16/20176:23pmS4-17-000204Warren Franklin Larceny A student reported that her laptop was unlawfully removed from her dorm room.Pending
03/15/20179:35pmS4-17-000202L L Commons HarassmentA student reported that a nonstudent's actions were causing her distress.Pending
03/15/20172:44pmS4-17-000200CampusLarceny A student was discovered to be in possession of stolen items.Cleared by Arrest
03/15/201711:55amS4-17-000203UV1 Drug Abuse Violations While conducting a property check, the odor of marijuana was detected.Pending
03/14/20176:25pmS4-17-000196Warren Franklin Drug Abuse Violations The odor of marijuana was detected after a fire alarm activation.Administrative Sanction