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Wesley College Student-Athletes!

Interested in playing next year at Delaware State University?

There are opportunities to move up to D I sports, but you have to know how to pursue them.

Here’s what you need to know and do:

By NCAA regulations, Delaware State University is NOT allowed to contact you until you (and Wesley College administrators) take ALL of the following steps:

For student-athletes:

  1. (Suggested) Talk with your parents and/or your head coach about continuing at Delaware State University and trying out for sports there.
  2. Register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center if you have not already done this; you MUST have an NCAA ID # to proceed with transferring to a D I institution. This is REQUIRED.
  3. Notify (either by email or paper form) your Bill.Gorrow [at] wesley.edu (Wesley College Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance) to request that you be entered into the NCAA Transfer Portal. This is REQUIRED.
  4. Once your name appears in the NCAA Transfer Portal (accessible by all D I, D II, and D III institutions), you should receive a confirmation email, and you may then contact the coach in your sport at Delaware State University, or that coach may contact you. It is advisable for you to reach out to that coach yourself, but if you do so before being listed in the NCAA Transfer Portal they will NOT be able to respond. To find out the appropriate coach to contact, visit the DSU Hornets Staff Directory.