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Presidential Transition

graduating students at Delaware State University

President Tony Allen, Ph.D. - 12th President Address

Transition: Into a new decade with a new President

From the Chair and Co-Chair:
To the University community,

Delaware State University possesses a proud tradition of educational equity and student success for all; a world-class faculty with phenomenal expertise and deep commitment; and partners of consequence across the State, region, and globe.

Over 28,000 alumni support their alma mater body and soul, as does a professional staff devoted to doing everything necessary to support our students. Our students bring with them a burning hunger to excel, and discerning parents have entrusted us with educating and mentoring their children.

For over 129 years, this University has been led by individuals with vision and integrity, and now another dynamic President has stepped up to steer this great institution.

We intend to focus 2020 on a celebration of our new President, Tony Allen, as well as rededicating our entire community to the vision, principles, and practices that have made Delaware State University one of the most important institutions in our nation.

This is the place to stay updated on all transition activities, and weigh in with your comments and suggestions. We will be communicating actively over the next 12 months, and need to hear from you as we plan and execute many outstanding events that will bring this community even closer together in pursuit of our vision.

This is our time!

Vita Pickrum, Chair
Bernadette Dorsey Whatley, Co-chair
Presidential Transition Team

The Vision: Delaware State University will become the most diverse, contemporary HBCU in America. We are well on our way. With 129 years of proud history as a Land Grant Historically Black College/University, we have grown from seven students to more than 5,000, and have become the #4 public HBCU (US News & World Report). We provide a world-class undergraduate and graduate education for all, while specializing in success for those students who have been traditionally locked out of, or underserved by, public/higher education.

The Transition Process

During 2020, the University is dedicated to accomplishing the following:

  • Revising and invigorating the entire University culture, with a focus on the quality of everything we do, customer service that meets the needs of our students, and a more seamless integration among all of our divisions.
  • Telling the University story in more depth to a wider audience, employing traditional and leading-edge media; involving faculty, staff, alumni, students, and parents; and meeting our stakeholders in the social spaces they inhabit.
  • Engaging alumni, State, community, and private sector partners with an aggressive calendar of events throughout the year that put the vision and value proposition of Delaware State University on full display.
  • Identifying, streamlining, and implementing new strategic efforts to support student success to undergraduates across the campus, to our online students, to our graduate community, and to our international partners.
  • Planning a formal Presidential Investiture in the second half of 2020 that is jointly owned by all University stakeholders, truly embodies our vision and values, and sets the tone for moving forward together.