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The University Voice

Delaware State University communications should be simple and straightforward, addressing main points quickly and concisely; maintaining an academic tone while having a conversational feel; and directing readers to the next steps. Our voice reflects our respect for various audiences and our desire to create a close-knit community.

Some tips for written and e-communications:


  • Indicate who the message is for
  • Keep your message simple and straightforward
  • Address the benefit of the information to the reader up front
  • Show that we care and want to help
  • Use a conversational tone in your writing
  • Break up your information into manageable parts:
    • Use headlines to highlight ideas or sections
    • Use bullets and bold text as accents
    • Condense key points into small paragraphs; on the Web, cut information you would include in a print piece by half. Since websites and eblasts are often scanned by the reader, presenting your information in a short format is key.
  • Always indicate next steps and/or action needed
  • Provide a contact name and phone number
  • Use Web links whenever possible
  • Show the Delaware State University logo on official communications


  • Reduce introductory text on your Web page; focus more on the main points
  • Continually monitor your content to ensure that it’s accurate and current
  • Double check links to make sure that they are live and go to the proper destination