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Role of the Department of Marketing and Communications

The role of Delaware State University’s Department of Marketing and Communications is to promote and market the University both internally and externally to increase recruitment, retention, engagement and giving. The University’s Strategic Plan guides its marketing efforts.

DSU’s marketing is focused on Admissions, Athletics, the colleges, the Early College High School, Government Relations, Graduate Studies, Institutional Advancement and University events. The Department of Marketing and Communications makes every effort to assist other areas that have a budget.

As the gatekeepers of the DSU brand, the Department of Marketing and Communications makes sure the DSU identity is included in all communications and that it is shown correctly, following the brand identity guidelines. This is important because consistency in branding communicates a quality institution and reinforces the DSU brand.


I’d like to design my own marketing communication. Do I need to seek approval for the finished product?

Yes. Any communications you design for your college, department, student organization or program must be submitted to Marketing for review and approval to help ensure that DSU logos are used properly, that the messaging is on target and that the University is positively positioned.

I’d like to request assistance from the Department of Marketing and Communications for my project. How can you help?

Depending on your marketing objective, we can assist with the development of print materials, advertising and media placement, as well as provide Web and social media consulting.

The department can also offer full marketing support and would meet with you to review your existing communications and understand your area’s current market situation, the marketing objective/s, and the program’s, department’s or college’s meaningful and unique differentials.

How do I make a request for assistance?

To initiate a project or submit communications for our review, you must complete the work order form.

What are the next steps in the production process?

Project Identified

After we receive your request, Marketing staff will assess whether it can be handled internally or whether it needs to be outsourced to a vendor. In either case, your Marketing team will oversee the project and/or campaign and communicate next steps and any further information needed to facilitate the project’s completion.

Quote Obtained

If you are requesting items for print or production, project time lines begin with quotes obtained from vendor(s). After you are provided with a quote, receipt of a PO is required prior to moving the project forward.

  • When completing your marketing request, it is essential to include the quantity of your print piece for quoting purposes.
  • Marketing requests involving a mailing are most efficiently handled when the mailing list in the form of a CSV or Excel file is provided at the beginning of the project in order to accurately provide a postage invoice for securing postage check, which is necessary before the mailing can occur.
  • Obtaining a printing and/or mailing quote from a vendor can take 24-72 hours or longer, depending on the scope of the project.
  • Receipt of a PO is necessary prior to producing any artwork for a project.

Project Completion

The services offered by the Department of Marketing and Communications are targeted and created especially to get your message to the right audience. A great deal of care and consideration goes into each piece we create.

It is our goal to complete your project in a timely manner. We require a 14-business day project window for marketing requests. The window begins when all of the content required for the project’s completion as well as the PO have been received. Time lines for the development of each piece, including design and copy editing/proofing, vary depending on the project’s complexity.

  • New Print Projects: Depending on design needs, the scope of the project and the uniqueness of the identity/art needed, please allow an additional five to seven days for the design of new creative artwork.
  • New Design for Existing Print Pieces: A design for a particular piece should have a shelf life of two years. If an existing project has been identified as warranting a new design, please allow an additional three to five days for the design of new creative artwork.
  • Updating Existing Print Pieces: While updating an existing project is a fairly simple process, please allow an additional 24-28 hours of production time based on project work flow.
  • E-Marketing Services | Eblasts and Surveys
    • Please allow 48-72 hours from the time of your request for the production of eblasts and email surveys, and five to seven days for the production of email newsletters.
    • Optimal production and dissemination of eblasts and surveys happen when the “send” date is identified and mailing list received (or identified if an in-house listserv) at the time of the request.

Should your work order have a restrictive time line, please contact the department to discuss your specific needs.

Potential Situations Causing Changes in Delivery Expectations

Minor edits are expected throughout the design process, but major edits such as a complete redesign or a new layout are among the scenarios that may require a change in your project’s delivery time. Other situations that may delay completion of a marketing request are the following:

  • Missing information
  • Delayed responses to emails for approval
  • Missing mailing lists
  • Lack of purchase order/postage check required to sends print pieces to a vendor for production
  • Excessive edits

Quoting and Printing Production Time Lines

Following is a glimpse at the standard quoting and printing production time lines for a variety of the marketing materials produced by Marketing, as well as the standard quantities often requested. Indicated time lines are based on marketing project request forms received by 1 p.m. on a business day.

Project Standard Quantity Standard Quote Time Needed Standard Production Time Required After Final Artwork Approval*
Posters/Postcards 1-249 24-72 hours 48 hours
Tri-fold or bi-fold brochure 250-500 24-72 hours 48 hours
Programs 500 or more 24-72 hours 48-72 hours depending on vendor used
Magazines/large booklets Varies by project 24-72 hours 10+ business days
Ads   24-72 hours Based on scheduled insertion date
Banners 1-5 24-72 hours At least 72 hours

*AFTER artwork is released to a vendor prior to noon on a Monday-Friday. Items submitted on Friday after noon will be processed the following Monday.

We’re planning to meet to further discuss my project. How should I prepare?

A couple of considerations you should think about before meeting with the Department of Marketing and Communications team to discuss your project request:

  • What is your marketing objective?
  • What do you want your communications to accomplish? How will we measure success?
  • Who is your communications directed toward and what action do you want from the audience?
  • What gives DSU the ability to prove your key point?
  • If specific artwork or non-DSU logos need to be used, please supply high resolution artwork with confirmation that we have permission to use it.
  • Please be prepared to provide text to be included in new print pieces, or edits made within a PDF document for an existing piece. For existing pieces, please ensure that standing information, including people’s names, URLs and telephone numbers, is confirmed to be current and accurate.