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Photography Guidelines


The Department of Marketing and Communications organizes photo shoots during the different seasons of the year to grow the University’s archives and stay visually current.

In photographing faculty and students in academic and casual settings on our beautiful campus, we aim to capture candid moments, a close-knit community and diversity.

Open access to our photo archives is not available to the campus community so that we can control the amount of usage and build equity in the most popular images. However, the Marketing Department will provide images for college and department use upon request.

We typically have photography coverage of on-campus events, including athletics. You may contact integratedmarketing [at] desu.edu if there is a specific photograph that you are looking for.

The Marketing Department can arrange professional photo shoots for the various colleges at their expense.

Images supplied by departments or colleges for inclusion in marketing materials must be approved for use by the photographer.


  • Primary subject should be large in the image frame; crop to eliminate empty space in the photograph
  • Sharp focus
  • Accurate color, lighting and exposure
  • Web photos are rarely suitable for print due to low resolution and/or quality.


Print: 300 DPI minimum at actual size.