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Merchandise Guidelines

Merchandising is another way the University can reinforce our brand image and maintain a consistent look.

Any University requests for trademarked merchandise should be vetted through the Department of Marketing and Communications.


The Department of Marketing and Communications can assist you in ordering giveaway items for your event. Please submit your request, including the name and date of the event and a description of the type of merchandise you are looking for, through the online Marketing Project Request Form.  Please  allow  at least 30 days for this process, which will include research, design, payment processing and approvals.


DSU expects our licensees to follow our visual identity guidelines and maintain the University’s high- quality reputation.

In order to protect the ownership of our “intellectual property,” DSU requests that potential licensees develop tasteful merchandise designs that are close in look, color and feel to the University’s academic logotype as well as our athletic logos.

Clear space: Include a 1/4” margin of free space around each Delaware State University logo or word mark.

Type font: A block-style font is preferred for merchandise designs; the Myriad Pro family is used in University printed materials. Cursive or non-block-style letterings should not stray too far from DSU’s look and feel.

Logo guidelines: Academic and athletic logos should not be used together in merchandise designs. Designs should not be cluttered with use of multiple wordmarks and logos in one area of the design. Images not affiliated with Delaware State University should not be part of a merchandise design. Logos should not be faded to the point of becoming hard to read.