Email Newsletters

The Department of Marketing and Communications produces the following electronic publications for audiences including students, faculty and staff, alumni, parents and friends of the University:


eNews, an email newsletter, is the primary communication tool for University information to faculty, staff and students; it is published bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Submit items for consideration to eNews [at] by 12 p.m. on Monday for Tuesday’s publication or by 12 p.m. on Thursday for Friday’s publication. All items must be of interest to the entire DSU community; personal announcements and appeals will not be accepted. Notices should include the following when appropriate: Name or title of the event, activity, project or program; date, time, location and cost; deadline for reservations or fees; and name and telephone number of the contact person. Questions should be directed to Tracy Channel at ext. 7724 or tchannel [at]

If you have an urgent/immediate announcement requiring timely dissemination as a special eNews, please follow up your email with a phone call to Tracy Channel at ext. 7724.


Hornets Rising is an email newsletter for DSU friends‚ alumni, parents and the surrounding community that highlights University news, events, and faculty and student accomplishments through stories and clickable links to the Web. It is produced once per month. For inquiries about Hornets Rising, please contact Dawn Mosley at ext. 6272 or dmosley [at]


ParentBuzz is an email newsletter for parents of DSU students that highlights University news and events, faculty and student accomplishments, and important upcoming dates and deadlines. For inquiries about ParentBuzz, please contact Dawn Mosley at ext. 6272 or dmosley [at]