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The Brand

The Importance of DSU’s Brand: Who We Are as a University

The Delaware State University brand helps to define who we are as a University and what makes us different — what makes our University distinguishable from other institutions.

The brand is the sum total of one’s experience with DSU. Some people may define the brand as a logo or a tagline, but this is merely one part.

Brand perception is based on all of one’s interactions with DSU. For example, a prospective student experiences DSU in many ways:

  • How his or her phone call is answered
  • Appearance and content of Admissions marketing materials — Do they speak to his or her needs?
  • Experience using the website — Is it user-friendly and easily informative? Does it help make the prospective student more interested in visiting DSU?
  • Tour impressions — What is the tour leader like? What does the campus look like? Do the students appear to be happy? How engaged are faculty with their students? Can the student envision him or herself living in a residence hall on campus?
  • When receiving a mailing from the University, is it produced with quality? Does it speak to the student and address his or her needs?
  • If attending an event on campus, what was the experience like?
  • If attending a football game, how was the level of school pride and did it meet the student’s expectations?

The official slogan “Making our mark on the world” and the globe image reinforce our international presence and demonstrate the world of opportunities that we offer our students and how we provide them with the best chance for success.