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Branding & Communications Tool Kit

Tool Kit Overview

The purpose of Delaware State University’s Branding and Communications Tool Kit is to ensure that all of the University’s marketing communications materials have a unified look and voice consistent with the University’s mission and vision. Having a unified look and feel will make our various constituents  recognize DSU more easily and quickly. It will also demonstrate our commitment to quality.

The Branding and Communications Tool Kit accomplishes several key goals:

  1. To explain the role of branding and why it is so important
  2. To educate and empower DSU’s colleges and departments on how to properly use the University’s visual system, including:
    • Definition of a trademark/registered mark
    • Usage guidelines for DSU’s logotype
    • The meaning behind DSU’s logotype and its primary colors
    • The DSU college and department signatures
    • Requesting a logo
    • Proper placement of the DSU logotype
    • Inappropriate uses of the DSU logo
    • Related  logos
    • Incorporating University branding in your area
    • Business cards
    • Email signatures
  3. To educate and demonstrate how DSU can better align what we say with who we are:
  4. To define the role of the Department of Marketing and Communications and provide an overview of its available resources and how to request its assistance