Research Fundings

Active Grants

1. "Acquisition of a Photomask Aligner for Design and Fabrication of Uncooled Thermal Detectors for Research and Education Training of Students at Delaware State University", US Department of Defense, Award Period: 09/2017-08/2019, $214,600, Role: PI.

2. "Establishment of NASA-MIRO Optics for Space Technology & Applied Research Center (O*STAR Center) at Delaware State University", NASA, Award Period: 09/2015-08/2020, $5 Million, Role: PI. 

3. 3. "Design and Fabrication of Uncooled Thermal Detectors – An Approach to Use Nanomachining Technology at an HBCU By Involving African American Engineering Students in Research and Education Training", US Department of Navy, $359,653, Role: PI

4. “MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for Multidisciplinary Research and Education at Delaware State University”, National Science Foundation, Award Period: 09/2014-08/2017, $501,000, Role: PI.

5. “Center for Research and Education in Optical Sciences and Applications: Promoting Scientific Discoveries, Technological Advances, and STEM Education”, NSF, Award Period: 08/2012-09/2017, $5 Million, Role: PI

Previous Grants:

1. "Development of ETAP Power Lab for Teaching Power Systems at DSU", In kind Donation from Operation Technology Inc., July, 2013 - June 2016, In kind value $320,000, Role: PI.

2. “Development of Nanofiber Membrane In-Situ Electroporation Devices for Pharmaco-Genomics Anticancer Drug Screening”, Role PI, NIH INBRE, Period 06/2012-01/2014, $238,000.

3. “Ultra Low Power InAsN Semiconductor Transistors Phase IIA”, SBIR partnership with QuantTera Semiconductor, National Science Foundation, Award Period: 02/2014-07/2014, $65,052.

4. “Next-Generation Sensors for Improving Human Health and Urban Air Quality: A Technology-Driven Business Model for Young Entrepreneurs.” Role: Co-PI, DSU PRIDE, Award Period: 09/2013-08/2014, $20,000.

5. “Integrated Micro-mirrors and Microbolometer for Mid- and Long-Wave Infrared Detection”, Role: PI, NASA, Award Period: 06/2013-08/2013. $3,500.

6. “US-Mexico International Collaborative Program on Photothermal Imaging and Photothermal Microscopy”, Role: Co-PI, NSF, Award Period: 04/2012-03/2013, $28,600.

7. “Design of a Tunable Microbolometer for Mid and Long Wave Infrared Detection”, Role: PI, NASA, Award Period: 06/2012-08/2012. $3,500.

8. “Design of a Tunable Integrated Micromirror for Mid and Long Wave Infrared Detection”, Role: PI, NSF, Award Period: 06/2012-08/2012. $4,000.

9. Travel Allowance to Johannesburg to Attend South African National Research Foundation PhD Project Meeting, NSF, August 2012, Full Travel Expenses for myself and two graduate students, $20,000.

10. "Nanomachined Pyroelectric Detector- Design and Concepts", CREST Supplement PI, NSF, Period 9/2011-8/2012, $100,000

11. “Resistivity Imaging and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Analysis for Solid Waste in The Laboratory”, Role PI, NSF CIBER EPSCoRE RII-2, Period 02/2011-01/2012, $30,000.