Laboratory for Optical Sensing and Energy Conversion

Current Research

1. Uncooled Infrared Detectors

2. Materials for Solar Cell and Infrared Detection

3. Electroporation Chips for Drug-Delivery and Genomics

4. Bio-molecule Detection


Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

1. Melony Tudey

2. Keesean Braithwaite

Former Students

1. Md A Muztoba, MS in Applied Optics, Graduation Date: Fall 2013

2. Sams Sabiha Farhana, MS in Applied Optics, Graduation Date: Fall 2013

3. Anupama Bhat, PhD in Optics

Undergraduate Students

1. Linnea Davis

2. Sparkle Smith

3. China Genright

4. Louis Campbel

5. Jebari Weekes

6. Jason Owens

7. Daniel Cabajaro

8. Kiemiyah Mond

9. Tatiana DeAngelo

10. Justin Davis

High School Students

1. Carey Lucas

2. David John