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Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA)

Tutoring Policy

The Office of Academic Services for Student-Athlete provides via of the Office of Academic Enrichment a free individualized tutoring program to student-athletes in a wide variety of academic courses, such as, but not limited to English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Accounting, and Foreign Language. The procedure for getting a tutor starts as soon as the student-athlete realizes a need for additional help in a particular subject course(s). 

Request for a Tutor - Procedures

To request for a tutor, the student-athlete should contact their respective ASSA counselor and apply through the GRADESFIRST” system, located at the W.C. Jason Library, 2nd floor.  All tutoring sessions must be held in the W.C. Jason library, or an approved academic building on campus.

Please note:  once you have logged-in onto GradesFirst, select and click “Request Tutor Appt.” for the appropriate class; you should be navigated to the “I am Available on…” screen, point and click anywhere within the box.  GradesFirst will now ask to provide day and times you are available, in addition please enter your DSU ID number and the five (5) digit CRN number.

Once a student-athlete completes the “Tutor Request” process, he or she will be notified within 48 hours, for either a one-on-one or small group tutoring session at a mutually agreed time.

Guidelines for the most effective tutoring process, please:

Be on time for all sessions. Tutors are a support system for all student-athletes and their time is valuable.

  • Be prepared and organized for your sessions. Bring all materials to your tutor session.
  • Take good, legible notes in class and bring the notes to your session.
  • Prepare questions in advance for your tutoring session.
  • Turn off your cell phone during your session.
  • Be respectful of yourself, your tutor, and those around you.
  • Communicate honestly with your tutor.
  • Do your own work. Your tutors are not responsible for completing your assignments. They are responsible for assisting you in gaining a greater understanding of the concepts and materials you are working with.

Important: Please attend all your scheduled tutoring sessions. If you are not able to attend a scheduled session, please contact your tutor at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.

A student athlete needs to follow up with the Academic Tutor, in so doing please:

  • Let your Academic Councellor know when you where contacted by the tutor advisor
  • Report all missed schedule appointment
  • Demonstrate the process that is being made with the tutor advisor.
  • Let the Academic Tutor know when you have completed your tutoring service.