Student Printing


Students who print from lab computers use their student ID to pay for printing on a per page basis. You can purchase credits for printing. Please allow a day for the Print Voucher request to be reviewed and processed. If the funds are not currently available on your account, you may need to go to the Cashier's office to pay for the requested voucher amount.
DSU implemented this service after extensive research on viable printing options and in response to skyrocketing costs of paper and toner. Many other colleges and institutions in our area are also using pay-to-print in their classrooms and libraries.
Printing Refunds: 
Refunds will only be provided for legitimate reasons. Refunds will not be given for non-legitimate reasons.

Legitimate Reasons for Refunds:
1.     Toner smears or streaks.
2.     Low toner or too much toner (unacceptable print quality).
3.     Jammed paper.
4.     Other printer-related defects.
Non-Legitimate Reasons for Refund:
1.     Copying or printing wrong materials (users must ensure they are copying/printing the correct materials).
2.     Printing many copies of the wrong materials (users should test one copy before printing several and not continue copying/printing when it is not the correct materials).
If you would like to request a refund, you will need to submit the damaged print job to the Help Desk and fill out a refund request form. Forms can be found in the Help Desk office on the 3rd floor of the Bank of America Building.