Reporting Complaints of Sexual Conduct

Reporting Procedures for Complaints of Sexual Misconduct/Relationship Abuse/Stalking

The Delaware State University complaint procedure provides for a thorough, immediate, and objective investigation of all claims of sexual misconduct/relationship abuse/stalking. The University encourages all those who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct to report the incident promptly; to seek out all available campus and community resources, and pursue University conduct action and/or legal proceedings against the offender.

Those who have experienced sexual misconduct/relationship abuse/stalking should know that all University employees (faculty, staff, resident assistants, etc.) must report known incidents to campus police for documentation purposes. Personally identifiable information is not released to third parties without permission. Certain licensed professionals and members of the clergy are excluded from this requirement.

Those who wish to discuss a matter in complete confidence should notify only those licensed professionals in Heath Services, Counseling and Psychological Services. Refer to the table below which outlines reporting options/resources/options for action.

Primary Reporting Offices for Students

  Information and Support Informal Remedies Formal Resolution Counseling Services
Counseling and Psychological *     *
Health Services *      
Campus Police * * *  
Dean of Students * * *  
Title IX Coordinator * * *