Staff and Advisory Committee of the McNair Scholars Program

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Our Program Staff

 Tonia Perry-Conley
Program Director

Chester Boyd

Program Coordinator

Advisor Group

Dr. Michael Casson, Accounting Department
Dr. Anuradha Dujari, Education Department
Dr. Leonard Davis, Biology Department
Dr. Melissa Harrington, Biotechnology Department
Dr. Preston Hayward, Chemistry Department
Dr. Diane Metzendorf, Social Work Department
Dr. Delores Finger Wright, Social Work Department

McNair Scholars and their Mentors

Adams, Sadiq Physics Dr. Hayward
Bean, Kiona Psychology Dr. Scott-Jones
Drummond, Dara Psychology Dr. Friel
Hazzard, Desiree Social Work Dr. Hill
Ingram, Crystal Psychology Dr. Scott-Jones
Miller, Sasha Psychology Dr. Catts
Akinbolajo, Mosunmola Social Work Dr. Hill
Newkirk, Yahnique Psychology Dr. Amoaka
Oliver, Angelica Early Education Dr. Marker
Shelton, Ashley Agriculture Dr. Jackson-O'Brien
Tilghman, Crysta Psychology Dr. Friel
Boyd, Cheston Education Dr. Robinson
Gray, Jennifer Nursing/Forensic Biology Dr. Barkley
Graham, Laurel Education Dr. Metzendorf
Harris, Darrynn Education Dr. Clark
Kamara, Ibrahim Business Dr. Casson

Many students cannot imagine themselves earning a graduate degree, The McNair Program recognizes that how important it is for McNair participants to maintain a positive attitude and develop high expectations for their future. We aim to assist.