Pre-Award Policy

Office of Sponsored Programs Proposal Review - The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) needs a minimum of five (5) working days to process a proposal before the agency’s deadline. Please refer to the Proposal Flowchart on this site for additional information regarding proposal submission.

If you do not have a Handbook, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs as soon as possible.

Faculty and staff engaged in writing grants should:

  • Consult with their chairs and/or deans.
  • Alert the OSP by completing the Faculty Proposal Submission Response Form and submitting it to the OSP
  • Alert the OSP for three reasons-
    • To make sure that no one else is working on the same grant application (usually only one application is accepted from the same institution).
    • To alert Sponsored Programs to the due date so sign-offs and signatures can be coordinated.
    • To receive technical assistance (if and as needed).
  • Submit a copy of the agency guidelines to the OSP
  • Complete and submit the completed grant application to the Office of Sponsored Programs five working days before the funding agency due date.
  • Complete the Internal Processing Form and get all appropriate signatures of directors, chairs, deans or their designees before the grant is submitted to Sponsored Programs for clearance and signatures of authorized officials.

Failure to comply with items 2, 3, or 4 can result in grant applications not being approved and signed by the authorized officials for submission to funding agencies.

Pre-Award Packet (PDF file)