The McNair Scholars Program FAQ

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Will participating in the Program cost me anything?

There is no cost for participation in the program; we only ask that you give us some time and your allegiance. We will cover the costs of required materials, travel and registration fees for attendance at conferences.

What if there is a conflict with my other class times?

We are funded to serve 26 Scholars a year; participation at seminars is a requirement. A calendar is provided to each McNair scholar, and any scholar who feel that the scheduled times will interfere with their classes must make arrangements to meet with our TRIO Director, far in advance.

Am I able to participate if I have already decided on a degree?

Yes, the terms of the Program are that we serve students interested in and capable of attaining PhDs. The Program is designed to introduce you to graduate study. The McNair Program will assist you making this possible. 

What majors are eligible to participate in the Program?

All disciplines are welcome. 

Are part time students eligible to become McNair Scholars?

McNair scholars should be registered as full-time students 

I'm a senior. Is it too late to become a McNair Scholar?

The McNair Program is for low-income first generation sophomores and juniors with a GPA of 2.8.

 What is a stipend?

A stipend is payment for services rendered. In the McNair Scholars Program, you are paid for completing your research project or scholarly activity in a timely manner and participating in the program.

Is this a scholarship?

NO, a scholarship implies there is no service for the money given. McNair Scholars put in hours on their research projects or scholarly activities.

Will the stipend affect my financial aid?

NO, the stipend is paid as if the student were an employee and counts as student contribution to your aid package for the next year. It is a federal grant.

What is offered to McNair scholars?

  • Free transcript to send to graduate schools
  • Three Credit Hours
  • Career Center resources
  • GRE Application Fee Waivers
  • McNair Fellowships at universities all over the nation
  • Scholars receive a $2800.00 stipend 
  • Computers (available for use during the Program)
  • Laptops (Available for use during presentations)

When if the McNair research proposal and paper due?

  • The McNair proposal is due – last day of the program after the presentation
  • The McNair research paper is due – end of each summer.

Can I use a pre-existing research as my intended research?

No, research must be done under the guidance of your research instructor and mentor. It must be original.

Will I be able to attend all graduate school visitations?

No, the visiting school usually provides the required criteria. You will, however, be chosen to attend visitations according to your interest in graduate school. ALL SCHOOLS DO NOT OFFER ALL PROGRAMS OF INTEREST.

What resources are available for McNair scholars?

  • Resource Library (graduate catalogs)
  • Financial Aid Resource Books
  • Research Writing Books
  • Information on preparing the personal statements
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Personal Computers
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE Preparation)
  • Power Point Presentation Workshops
  • Color Printer
  • Fax Machine