Human Subjects Protection

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All research involving human subjects must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects Protection Committee. During the review process various guidelines are used in reviewing the research protocol to ensure that it is in compliance with federal and state regulations, and in accordance with Delaware State University's institutional assurance compliance filed with the Office for Protection from Research Risks (OPRR).

Submission of a protocol to the IRB - Human Subjects Protection Committee and subsequent approval of the project means that the IRB - Human Subjects Protection Committee has found the protocol to conform to scientific, ethical and legal standards for research involving human subjects.

All survey forms that entail research activities that may involve little or no risk to subjects must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), building 502. Funded, including non-funded research projects, must also be submitted to the OSP.

IRB Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates:

Submission Deadline 11/7/2016 12/5/2016 1/6/2017 2/6/2017 3/6/2017 4/3/2017 5/1/2017 6/5/2017
Meeting Date 11/16/2016 12/21/2016 1/25/2017 2/22/2017 3/29/2017 4/26/2017 5/24/2017 6/28/2017
*Dates are subject to change due to academic scheduling        


For more information, please visit the Sponsored Programs Forms Library or contact Ms. Chanel Haman in the Office of Sponsored Programs at (302) 857-6834 or at