Faculty Research by Department


Faculty Research by Department

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Human Ecology


Social Work

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College of Agriculture and Related Sciences

Agriculture and Natural Resources Department

Barczewski, Dr. Richard A., Associate Professor
Animal Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Behavior

Broderick, Dr. Cyril E., Associate Professor
Plant Physiology and Plant Tissue Analysis

Fox, Dr. Dewayne A., Assistant Professor
Habitat selection and delineation in aquatic systems; population dynamics and conservation of endangered species; migratory behavior of diadromous fishes; the role of trophic interactions in structuring aquatic communities.

Guo, Dr. Mingxin, Assistant Professor
Environmental fate and transport of agrochemicals in soils and water; Nutrient management and organic residue recycling; Biogeochemistry of trace elements in soil and aquatic systems; Surface/subsurface water quality chemistry; Soil remediation and land reclamation

Heckscher, Christopher M., Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
Behavioral Ecology of Catharus thrushes; Avian Habitat Selection; Biogeography of rare terrestrial vertebrates and and invertebrates; Conservation of biological diversity; Structure and function of rare and imperiled ecosystems; Long-distance vocal communication in visually impaired environments; and Effect of alien invasive plant species in forest ecosystems

Kalavacharla, Dr. Venugopal, Assistant Professor
Plant molecular genetics & genomics

McIntosh, Dr. Dennis M., Associate Research Professor and Extension Specialist, Aquaculture
Aquaculture Freshwater and marine aquaculture; water quality; integrated aquaculture/agriculture systems; aquaculture effluents; recirculation technology; sex ratio manipulation

Ozbay, Dr. Gulnihal, Research Professor
Water quality driven toxicity in harmful algae, shellfish-algae dynamics, nutrient management, water quality, aquaculture regards to water quality management, aquatic ecology.

Tucker, Dr. Arthur O., Professor
Ethnobotany, especially plants of flavor, fragrance, and medicine systematics of the Lamiaceae, especially the genus Mentha essential oil chemistry

Vulinec, Dr. Kevina, Assistant Professor
Wildlife ecology, tropical ecology

Yost, Dr. Susan E., Herbarium Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
Ecology of violets (Violaceae) of N.E. U.S.; Vegetation Analysis, N.E. U.S.

Human Ecology Department

Besong, Dr. Samuel A., Associate Professor
Influence of Omega-3 Fatty acids on lipid metabolism and regulation genes involve in biosynthesis of cholesterol; intervention strategies to address overweight and obesity among Children and adolescences; identification of Tropical Plants species rich in Nutraceuticals, especially Omega-3 fatty Acids and their Health Implications

College of Education, Health and Public Policy

Barkley, Dr. Lisa C., Dean, College of Health and Public Policy
Health disparities; obesity; adolescent care

Education Department

Aleong, Dr. Chandra, Assistant Professor
Business areas/topics and its interaction with Education; also Transportation

Dujari, Dr. Anuradha, Professor
Science education. Provided professional development to students/teachers/colleagues by developing modules, protocols, and courses to enhance learning.

Falodun, Dr. Joseph O., Associate Professor
Cultural and Linguistic Differences in Literacy Acquisition; No Child Left Behind Legislation vs. Teaching and Learning.

Friedland, Dr. Billie L., Associate Professor
Teacher Work Sample as a means of documenting capstone experiences of Teacher Candidates; Reflection of Teacher Education Students on their Early Field Experiences; Accommodating the Needs of All Learners; Transition and Self-determination Issues

Kibria, Dr. K.F.M. Gholam, Professor
Assessment of children who are at-risk for developmental delay, overrepresentation of minorities in special education, teaching strategies for students with disabilities in post-secondary education, learning styles of students across the culture and disciplines, special education in developing countries

McIntosh, Dr. William J., Professor
Effective college science teaching; Curriculum development.

Social Work Department

Kingsberry, Dr. Sheridan Quarless, Assistant Professor, Social Work Department
Obesity, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity and Gerontology

Metzendorf, Dr. Diane, Assistant Professor, Social Work Department
Women Issues (Violence Against Women)

Suri, Dr. Kul Bushan, Professor
Integrating Social Services in the Schools in Delaware

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Skelcher, Dr. Bradley, Associate Provost
3-Dimensional Imaging of Subsurface Archeological Objects, Homeland Security Partnership with Secretary of Homeland Security for the State of Delaware

English and Foreign Languages Department

Balogun, Dr. F. Odun, Professor
My research interests are the African short story and novel. Lately, how self identity is influenced by temporal and physical setting in African and African American prose.

McCallister, Dr. Rick, Associate Professor
Latin American Poetry, Central American Literature, Film

History, Political Science and Philosophy Department

Cawley, Dr. Alexa S., Visiting Assistant Professor
Colonial American and Atlantic World History, especially in the Chesapeake and Eastern Shore regions

Cheng, Dr. Yinghong, Assistant Professor, History, Political Science and Philosophy Department
World history, Chinese history

Hoff, Dr. Samuel B., Professor; History, Political Science and Philosophy Department
American Institutions, American Political Thought, Research Methods, Political Psychology, American Foreign Policy

Osei, Dr. Akwasi P., Associate Professor
Africa in the International System; Global Studies; Global Africa

Mass Communications Department

German, Dr. Myna, Associate Professor, Mass Communications Department
Religion and Media; Women in Media; History of Religion

Psychology Department

Banerjee, Dr. Padmini, Assistant Professor
Adaptation to host country and mental health issues in transnational diasporic immigrant/ refugee populations/ public policy implications.

Chu, Dr. Ling-chuan, Assistant Professor
My nascent research interests are in two areas. One area is to examine the social perception of names, racial identity and body image. The second area is in health psychology. I am exploring the practical implications of psychology principles in weight control, and stress management.

Friel, Dr. Brian M. , Assistant Professor
Reading and Word Recognition Processes; Skill Development and Measures of Expertise; Decision Making in Dynamic Environments

Rogers, Dr. Amy A., Assistant Professor
Social Justice

Tomcho, Dr. Thomas J., Assistant Professor
Health psychology and adult psychopathology, involving the interplay of biopsychosocial factors that influence treatment adherence and outcome in patients with comorbid medical and psychological illness; developing methods of assessing patient adherence, identifying modifiable factors, and testing targeted interventions among patients with diabetes.

Arts Department

Becker, Donald W. , Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
Intaglio prints with emphasis on the archeological object.

Crawford, Lori, Associate Professor
Advancing Computer Graphics through Art

Morrison, Mabel R., Associate Professor
The research, artistic, and musical creations are rendered to authenticate music as an academic discipline and to share the beauty of great classical masterpieces with students, academic scholars, and the general population.

Tucci, Roberta, Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
Arts Curriculum and Instruction; Art Program Evaluation; Professional Preparation for Artists; Creative Activity: Organic Abstraction: Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology

Biological Sciences Department

Davis, Dr. Leonard G., Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal function

Harrington, Dr. Melissa A., Associate Professor
Neurophysiology; behavioral neuroscience

Helmy, Dr. Fatma M., Professor
Phospholipases, particularly the phospholipase A2 (PLA2), phospholipase C (PLC) families, and their hydrolytic action on phospholipids.

Ivey, Dr. Stan, Associate Professor
P-glycoprotein glycosylation characterization; Ovarian Cancer, and Nanotechnology – 1) Sialic Acid-binding Oncoviruses and 2) Developing Nanotech Approaches to Deliver SMART Anti-cancer Agents

Lloyd, Dr. Andrew D., Associate Professor
Microbial Ecology

Mennella, Dr. Thomas A., Assistant Professor
My lab studies the regulation of transcription in eukaryotic cells.
Szabo, Dr. Theresa M., Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department
Neurophysiology, synaptic plasticity and the environment

Watson, Dr. Clytrice L., Assistant Professor
Microbiology: Use of Probiotics in disease prevention

Chemistry Department

DiMaria, Dr. Peter R., Associate Professor
RNA Processing

Goudy, Dr. Andrew J., Professor
Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cell Research

Wang, Dr. Qiquan, Assistant Professor
Occurrence of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals in the environment and strategies of accelerating degradation of organic contaminants in the environment.

Workie, Dr. Bizuneh, Assistant Professor
Electrochemistry. Fuel Cell Recycling Technology Development.  Non-aqueous electrophoretic deposition of aluminum nitride, and electrodeposition studies on heteropolymetallic complexes and palladium nanoparticles.

Computer and Information Sciences

Pokrajac, Dr. Dragoljub M., Associate Professor, Computer and Information Sciences Department
Data mining, machine learning, visual analytics, computational geometry and discrete algorithms. Multidisciplinary research ranges from classification of spectroscopy data, to detection of unusual objects in surveillance videos, to applications in environmental sciences and agriculture.
Smolinski, Dr. Tomasz G., Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Sciences Department
Computational intelligence, machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery, computational biology and bioinformatics, science education and innovative teaching techniques

Mathematical Sciences

Biswas, Dr. Anjan, Associate Professor
Theory of Solitons; Nonlinear optics; Plasma Physics; Fluid Dynamics; Nuclear Physics; Mathematical Biosciences

Gibson, Dr. Paul F., Associate Professor
Different Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Probability.

Liu, Dr. Fengshan, Professor
Ground Penetrating Radar, Inverse Problems, Nonlinear Monotone Operators, Numerical Analysis, Wavelet Analysis, Statistics, Signal Analysis and Image Processing.

Liu, Dr. Jinjie, Assistant Professor
Numerical partial differential equations and scientific computing with applications in computational fluid dynamics, computational electromagnetics, nanophotonics, metamaterials and nonlinear optics

Lott, Dr. Dawn A., Associate Professor
Applied mathematics, numerical solutions of partial differential equations: numerical and analytical methods in solid mechanics, nonlinear elasticity/plasticity, hyperbolic equations and numerical studies in biomechanics and nonlinear physiology. Specialist in: Finite element methods, finite difference methods, finite volume methods and spectral methods.

Nandakumar, Dr. Nagaiah, Professor
Functional Analysis, Real and Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, College Mathematics

Shi, Dr. Xiquan, Research Professor
Reverse Engineering, 3D model construction, NURBS, Numerical Analysis, Wavelet, Signal Analysis and Image Processing, Special Function.

Umoh, Dr. Hanson M., Professor
Compact Left-Topological Semigroups, Ultrafilters and Topological Algebra

Zhang, Dr. Guoping, Research Faculty
Mathematical physics and nonlinear PDEs, Inverse problem and its application to digital signal and image processing, Delay differential equations and its applications in biology

 Physics and Pre-Engineering

Melikechi, Dr. Noureddine, Professor
Optics and laser spectroscopy.

Zerrad, Dr. Essaid, Professor
Scattering Theory and Bounds on Amplitudes; Atomic Asymptotic Behavior of Amplitudes in Nonlinear phenomena; Laser-induced breakdown of Solids; Generalized Hartree-Fock Theory of Collisions.

College of Business

Accounting and Finance Department

Bieker, Dr. Richard F., Professor
Economics of Education; Pension Planning; Economics of Aging; Asset Allocation in Defined Contribution Pension Plans; Household Economics

Chan, Dr. Leo H. , Assistant Professor
Financial Markets Integration, Market Efficiency, Market Microstructures, International Finance, Corporate Finance, Futures and Options

Ikein, Dr. Augustine A., Associate Professor
Oil, nation building and foreign policy in Nigeria and world oil dynamics.

Williamson, Dr. Joan W., Associate Professor
Accounting, Auditing and Public Policy

Business Administration Department

Beugre, Dr. Constant D., Associate Professor
Organizational Justice and Offshoring

Govindarajulu, Dr. Chittibabu, Visiting Associate Professor
End-User Computing Management, Research on MIS Research, and XML Web Services

Kim, Dr. Dae Ryong, Associate Professor
Human Computer Interface in IS & IT, Technology Acceptance on IT, Innovations in IT, E-Commerce & E-Business, Efficiency of E-commerce sites, and Group Support Systems

Mayo, Dr. Cynthia R., Associate Professor
Leadership Development, Assessment, Guests Expectations, Pricing of Services and Products

Rodriguez, Dr. Carlos M., Associate Professor
Relationship Marketing Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Internationalization Processes Decision Making Processes Strategic Marketing in Cross Cultural settings New Product Development and Technology Management

Thomas-Haysbert, Dr. Clorice D., Assistant Professor
Hospitality, Tipping, Research Professor

Sport Management Department

Chen, Dr. Li, Associate Professor
Human resources management in sport, coaching evaluation and incentives, sport marketing

Murgia, Dr. Carla J., Associate Professor
Etiology & Intervention Training Effects - Musculoskeletal Injury in Elite Adolescent Athletes; Strength & Proprioception Training Effects in Mature Populations; Training Effects on Childhood Obesity; Internet Global Resource Sharing.

Shorter, Angela D., Director of the Center for Fitness and Wellness
Fitness, Wellness, Exercise Psychology