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Delaware State University, Purchasing Bid Process and Forms

Delaware State University (DSU) works closely with Government Support Services (GSS) who offer their services to Agencies on a consulting basis or as a partner in the entire process. The services provided by GSS allows DSU to focus on the critical task of criteria evaluation without being distracted by the formal administrative needs of the bid process.

Levels of Contracting Assistance - PDF or Word
   • Level III Participation Form

In a continuing effort to seek out the most number of prospective bidders, DSU ask GSS to post RFPs/ITBs and related documents on their bid page. You may contact DSU Purchasing Department or the GSS Contracting Staff for further information.

All sample documents are in Word format for your convenience. Please make the appropriate changes to the documents.

Bid Documents

My Marketplace Input Documents

Agency Solicitation Request - Word Version

Award Documents
Miscellaneous Documents
If you have any questions or need guidance, you may contact DSU Purchasing Department  or the GSS Contracting staff.

Delaware State University Forms

  1. Contract Review
  2. DSU Speaker-Consultant Contract
  3. Purchase Order Cancellation
  4. Purchase Order Modification
  5. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  6. Purchase Requisition
  7. Requisition Cancellation
  8. Vendor Certification Procedure