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Chengdu, China - Summer 2016

My trip to China was full of excitement and new experiences. I studied economics and marketing in Chengdu, a city within the Sichuan province notorious for its spicy foods. I was able to visit different cultural landmarks such as the Leshan Buddah, the largest Buddah in the world, as well as a city built within a river. The city night life in Chengdu impressed me the most, from the friendly natives to the beautiful glowing lights that filled the sky at night. My time in Chengdu, China was an awesome experience, I would do it all over again! - Ni’Jah K. Richardson, Junior, Economics Major

China - sitting on a wallLeshan BuddahChina by the riverChinese temple


Paris Study Abroad - Spring Break 2016

Talk about the trip of a lifetime! I have dreamed of visiting Paris for years, and finally my dream came true. Although I am not a textiles major, I gained so much knowledge from our experience. My main purpose for embarking on this trip was to utilize the French speaking skills that I have acquired in my duration here at DSU. I encourage those who are interested to take the plunge and discover a new culture. If you are studying a foreign language let that be an incentive to study and travel abroad. It will truly be a memorable experience! - Shavon Rochester- Junior, Movement Science Major, Paris, France Spring 2016

Arc de triomphecatholic church in ParisChanel storeview across parisfrench bakeryParis fashionmoulin rougelovre, paris



I had an amazing journey in Paris. It was an experience I would love to relive again. The pictures do not even begin to capture what I saw, but they can give you an idea. I went into Notre Dame and prayed, and that brought a tear to my eye. It was so breathtaking. I thank my parents for making this opportunity possible. Our tour guide was fantastic, the food was delicious, and the people had great style. I was lucky to travel along with the Delaware State Fashion Majors, therefore giving me the opportunity to witness my very own fashion and trade shows. My most favorite endeavor was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night. Seeing the city at night was wonderful, it had a different feel than seeing Delaware at night. I plan to revisit Paris again, I hope I can make that come true. - Kimberly Klinkenborg, Senior, Nursing Major---Paris, France Spring 2016

Paris - spring break 2016 Paris - Eiffel tower and city - spring break 2016 Paris- old buidlings - spring break 2016 Paris- Eiffel tower - spring break 2016 Paris - Eiffel Tower at night - spring break 2016 Paris - padlocks on bridge - spring break 2016 Paris - City view at dusk - spring break 2016 Paris - Notre Dame -  spring break 2016