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Paris Study Abroad - Spring Break 2016

Talk about the trip of a lifetime! I have dreamed of visiting Paris for years, and finally my dream came true. Although I am not a textiles major, I gained so much knowledge from our experience. My main purpose for embarking on this trip was to utilize the French speaking skills that I have acquired in my duration here at DSU. I encourage those who are interested to take the plunge and discover a new culture. If you are studying a foreign language let that be an incentive to study and travel abroad. It will truly be a memorable experience! - Shavon Rochester- Junior, Movement Science Major, Paris, France Spring 2016

Arc de triomphecatholic church in ParisChanel storeview across parisfrench bakeryParis fashionmoulin rougelovre, paris



I had an amazing journey in Paris. It was an experience I would love to relive again. The pictures do not even begin to capture what I saw, but they can give you an idea. I went into Notre Dame and prayed, and that brought a tear to my eye. It was so breathtaking. I thank my parents for making this opportunity possible. Our tour guide was fantastic, the food was delicious, and the people had great style. I was lucky to travel along with the Delaware State Fashion Majors, therefore giving me the opportunity to witness my very own fashion and trade shows. My most favorite endeavor was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night. Seeing the city at night was wonderful, it had a different feel than seeing Delaware at night. I plan to revisit Paris again, I hope I can make that come true. - Kimberly Klinkenborg, Senior, Nursing Major---Paris, France Spring 2016

Paris - spring break 2016 Paris - Eiffel tower and city - spring break 2016 Paris- old buidlings - spring break 2016 Paris- Eiffel tower - spring break 2016 Paris - Eiffel Tower at night - spring break 2016 Paris - padlocks on bridge - spring break 2016 Paris - City view at dusk - spring break 2016 Paris - Notre Dame -  spring break 2016


England Study Abroad - Summer 2015

This summer, I was able to study literature for six weeks at King’s College London, one of the top twenty universities in the world. It provided me with the opportunities to become more independent, experience a wide variety of cultures, widen my knowledge of my favorite writers and poets, and make life-changing relationships with people from all over the world. I lived in Central London, within walking distance of many historical sites and was able to travel all over the country to renowned places like Oxford, Dover, Canterbury, and Stonehenge. Instead of traveling as a tourist, attending the university only helped make my stay even more memorable, as I was able to walk in the footsteps of many famous writers, such as Charles Dickens, W.B. Yeats, and William Shakespeare. I would give anything to go back. - Emily Teel, Junior, English Major—London, England-Summer 2015

Kings Cross, LondonStonehengeView from the London Eye


Costa Rica Study Abroad - Summer 2015

My study abroad trip to Costa Rica was trip I will always remember and forever cherish. I met wonderful students that joined me on the trip that I bonded with on a deep level and made lasting memories with. All the Costa Ricans were eager to share their culture and unique outlooks on what "Pura Vida" (Pure Life), their country's mantra, really means. The program's focus was agroforestry, sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism and our classroom, workshop, and field trip experiences helped us understand the theoretical and practical sides of these topics. Costa Rica has rich biodiversity, which their citizens make an effort to protect, both in natural places and within their agricultural practices. The coordinating institution in Costa Rica, CATIE, did an excellent job of making our trip as diverse as the flora and fauna we learned about. I did not feel like an observer but as though I was getting entrenched in their daily experiences, as we helped many of the farmers on our trip during some of their processing of their crops. On one visit to a Mollejones sugar cane farm, we helped make sugar cane candy from the time the cane is cut and the juice squeezed out to the point at which we mixed the cooled sugar cane mixture with nuts and evaporated milk and also poured the pure sugar cane mixture into molds the farmers will sell at market. It was many instances like this where we were able to utilize all our senses to experience the country, that made the trip that much more of a lasting impact. I was glad that we did not just go to the most tourist traveled destinations as this enhanced the trip. I was appreciative of the opportunity to see and experience this breath-taking country. ¡Pura Vida! - Janet Cordero, Graduate Student, Plant Science, College of Ag. and Nat. Resources


Peru Study Abroad - Summer 2015

I was blessed with the opportunity to intern at South America's best children's hospital; Hospital De Nino for a month. Working alongside amazing doctors, reinstated the notion that the medical field is for me. Wanting more, I took the initiative to find a dental placement shadowing a Dentista, Dr. Karen. I also crossed climbing the Machu Picchu mountain off of my bucket list! - Jolethea Downs, Summer 2015




Ghana Study Abroad Program