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Dr. Jan Blade (Top row, second from left) and the
 2007 DSU Women’s Basketball MEAC Champions

  NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative



Briefly, my role as the Faculty Athletics’ Representative at Delaware State University is to:
  • Report to the President of the University;
  • Assure the academic integrity of the athletics program;
  • Monitor the academic performance of the student-athletes;
  • Deliver academic services to student-athletes;
  • Monitor the student-athlete experience;
  • Meet with the Student-Athlete Advisory Board;
  • Take part in exit interviews of student-athletes as they depart the University;
  • Certify eligibility of student-athletes;
  • Assist with inquiries into alleged or suspected rules violations; and
  • Serve as the chairperson of the Hornets Athletics Advisory Board (HAAB).
The HAAB consists of faculty, administrators, and staff who work to make the DSU experience for all student-athletes as productive, and pleasant as possible.   
As the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) for Delaware State University, I invite current and prospective student-athletes to feel free to contact me or stop by my office regarding any academic and/or student well-being questions, concerns, and/or suggestions.
Dr. Jan Blade
Memorial Hall 216