NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative

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Briefly, my role as the Faculty Athletics’ Representative at Delaware State University is to:
  • Report to the President of the University;
  • Assure the academic integrity of the athletics program;
  • Monitor the academic performance of the student-athletes;
  • Deliver academic services to student-athletes;
  • Monitor the student-athlete experience;
  • Meet with the Student-Athlete Advisory Board;
  • Take part in exit interviews of student-athletes as they depart the University;
  • Certify eligibility of student-athletes;
  • Assist with inquiries into alleged or suspected rules violations; and
  • Serve as the chairperson of the Hornets Athletics Advisory Board (HAAB).
The HAAB consists of faculty, administrators, and staff who work to make the DSU experience for all student-athletes as productive, and pleasant as possible.   
As the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) for Delaware State University, I invite current and prospective student-athletes to feel free to contact me or stop by my office regarding any academic and/or student well-being questions, concerns, and/or suggestions.
Dr. Charlie Wilson
Science Center 148