NCAA Academic Learning Services


Summary of Services: 

The NCAA Learning Specialist provides academic learning services to student-athletes who are experiencing academic difficulty. In addition, the Learning Specialist will provide assistance to students who have a diagnosed learning disability and will also provide psycho-educational testing. The Learning Specialist is assisting the student-athletes in maximizing their learning potential by working one-to-one and/or in small groups to help increase their learning strategies and study skills. 

Services Available: 

The Learning Specialist assists the student-athletes with general learning strategies and study skills. Some of the topics that are discussed are: time and self management skills, reading a textbook (SQ4R), reading comprehension, class and textbook note taking (the Cornell Method), test taking skills (the 5 day Study Plan), tapping into their learning style, and using mnemonics to maximize academic success. The meetings are on an individual, small group or walk-in basis and are strictly confidential. The students-athletes may be referred by their Academic Counselor, their Coach or other Academic Support Center personnel. Ideally, student-athletes and the Learning Specialist will meet regularly in order to monitor progress, analyze problems and determine solutions to challenges faced while navigating Delaware State University academic and intercollegiate life.

Do you worry about how you're going to do on a future test? Test anxiety affects your performance at test time, and your ability to focus, memorize, and reason during study time.  Make an appointment to learn how to reduce your anxiety through time management, effective study strategies. Make an appointment with Roberta Durrington, our Learning Specialist.
If a student-athlete has a learning disability, the Learning Specialist will work closely with the Director of Disabilities Services regarding accommodations, assistive technology, campus and community resources, and effective strategies to facilitate success.
The Learning Specialist will collaborate with other campus personnel in order to assist student-athletes in understanding all applicable policies and procedures concerning individuals with disabilities. Any student-athlete may make an appointment with the Learning Specialist to gain insight into their learning styles, academic strategies and for support in identifying services that they can access.