Other Academic Services Available for Student-Athletes

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The following services provided by the Academic Support Center located at W. C. Jason Library, 2nd floor.  Please contact the Office of Academic Services at 302-857- 6385 for updates or change of venue. The Academic Support Center is a unit within the Division of Academic Enrichment.  

Drop-In Writing Center: Room 207

Student-athletes may drop-in for assistance with any writing assignments. PLATO Reading and Writing is available.  
Lab Hours *
Hours are posted on lab door each semester.

Drop-In Mathematics Center: Room 212A

Students may drop-in for assistance with any Mathematics assignments. Professional staff and peer tutors are available to assist students with solving Mathematics problems in Introduction to Algebra, Algebra A&B, College Algebra, Survey of Mathematics I & II, Trigonometry, and Finite Mathematics. All peer tutors have faculty recommendations, meet strict grade standards, and are trained by the Mathematics Center Coordinator. PLATO Math is available
Lab Hours *
Hours are posted on lab door each semester.

Drop-in Computer Lab: Room 205 and 206

The Coordinator serves as a resource for technical assistance, information, and study sessions. Students are required to have a current pass code issued by the Academic Computing Office (located at Bank of America Building, Room 313) in order to gain access to computers. . 
Lab Hours *
Monday-Thursday 9:00am-9:00pm
Friday 9:00am-3:00pm (Hours subject to change).
 * The Center employs the “drop-in” system, thus no appointment or pre-registration is necessary to participate.

Office of Disability Services: Room 214

Student-athletes with documented learning or physical disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to address their specific needs. In addition, student-athletes, who are struggling with understanding coursework while documenting solid effort, may ask for a screening and/or consultation. Student with temporary disabilities may also apply for services.

Staying-On Course Program (SOC): Room 213

Student-athletes on Academic Probation or Readmitted Suspension are required to participate in academic enrichment activities that promote their return to Academic Good Standing. In addition, students on the SOC program must take and successfully pass a 3 credit elective course titled Learning Strategies for Academic Success, (unless previously taken and passed).  

Supplemental Instruction Program (SI): Room 212A

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers weekly study sessions to students taking “historically” difficult course. SI participants meet with their leader and classmates outside of class to discuses challenging concepts and develop study strategies. Students develop a better understanding of course content and learn how to effectively test themselves.