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Alma Mater

Hail Alma Mater! Thy Children greet Thee.

Greet Thee with loyalty, love, strength, and truth;

Here in thine ancient halls o'er Thy plans so verdant

Thou art our guide in the pathways of youth.

From the broad world without, come Thy sons and daughters,

Bearing our laurels to lay at Thy shrine.

E'er shall we heed Thy call; ne'er shall we fail Thee,

Loved alma Mater, God bless Thee and Thine

Pauline Williams Lecompte '26

- Music by Alexis Lvov, 1833

Student Government Association The Student Government Association (SGA) is the central agency by which the students promote the interest and welfare of the Delaware State University's student population. The branches of SGA includes: Executive Council (SGA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary) Royal Court (Mr. DSU, Miss DSU, Class Kings and Queens, Attendants) Men's Council Women's Senate Class Officers (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen) College Representatives Media Board (Officers of WDSU Radio Station, WDSU Television Station, Hornet Newspaper) Commuter Council (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary) Residential Housing Association (RHA) - (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, correspondence Secretary) Membership into SGA is through annual elections governed by the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA).  For more information on SGA membership or membership into student organizations, please contact the OSLA at office phone (302) 857-6390, fax (302) 857-7408, or e-mail  


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