Mission Statement


It is the mission of the William C. Jason Library to provide library materials and services to meet and supplement the academic needs of the community, to develop well-rounded and responsible citizens, and to encourage patrons to discover their creative capacities.  For this reason, the library purchases:

  • materials and online databases on subjects related to academic departments
  • materials directly concerned with the technical needs of the library
  • materials which are of a recreational content

The library supports the University's Philosophy and Mission by providing meaningful and relevant materials to support the needs of the academic community through:

  • the latest library computer technology
  • well-trained staff
  • with a comprehensive collection which is broad in scope, varied, and up to date

The library also strives to provide students with current material and services which will ensure that each graduate is a productive and competitive member of the workforce.  Through our acquisitions of scholarly materials and resource sharing with other institutions, the library is able to offer its faculty and students access to materials they may need in their quest for top-notch research.