Model of Mars Rover, Curiosity, on display at DSU

In search of signs of previous life...

NASA's next Mars rover, Curiosity, is slated to land on the Red Planet on Aug. 6, 2012 (EDT). Watch a real-time visualization of its journey through space and get up-to-date data sets using NASA's Eyes on the Solar System 3-D interactive. (Free browser plug-in required.) 





Shown below is a picture of the 1/10 model of the Mars Rover, called Curiosity, that will be on display at Delaware State University for 10 days, through May 2nd.











Dr. Noureddine Melikechi (pictured below with his team), a DSU Physics research scientist, inventor, Vice President for Research and Dean of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology, leads a team of DSU scientists who play an important role on the Curiosity mission to Mars. They help create the instrumentation that is being carried on the Curiosity and help interpret the data that is transmitted to Earth by the rover.

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