Mathematics Preparation Program

Mathematics Preparation Program


Sponsored by the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology



Get a head start!  Register for MP2 and get the support you need to be successful in college.


As an incoming freshman or high school student, you are eligible to register for the Mathematics Preparation Program (MP2) before you officially begin your college career.

MP2 offers two summer courses. The first course is a mathematics course that will prepare students for college-level mathematics using research-supported, innovative mathematics teaching techniques and enrichment activities based on national and state standards. The enrichment activities will help students build a solid foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts and procedures necessary for success in college mathematics courses and college courses with a quantitative reasoning emphasis. Depending on placement during New Student Orientation, the mathematics course may earn credits towards graduation.

The second course is an enhanced English Composition course. Students will build a solid foundation in grammar and professional writing techniques. Participants who successfully complete the English Composition I course will earn three (3) college credits towards graduation.

Students attending the MP2 summer course will

  • Develop a more positive disposition regarding one’s capacity, confidence, and inclination to “do mathematics”;
  • Develop a stronger understanding of rational numbers and operations involving rational numbers;
  • Develop reasoning skills that are necessary for organizing one’s mathematical knowledge and applying that knowledge to novel problems;
  • Develop sense-making skills to  successfully interpret mathematical definitions and contextualized problem situations;
  • Demonstrate the ability to make generalizations to create mathematical rules, formulas, and equations; and
  • Justify and debate mathematical arguments.


Program Options

  • MP2 offers the convenience of flexible registration options. 
  • See application for program cost and details.

 MP2 Summer Course Information

  • 6-week Summer Program on DSU Dover campus
  • First priority for incoming DSU freshmen
  • Application deadlines…
    • See application for deadlines
    • Space is limited, so apply early.
  • Installment payment plans available. See application for details.

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For more information contact:

The Department of Mathematical Sciences
1200 North DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302-857-7051
Fax: 302-857-7054
MP2 Program Director
Dr. Nicola Edwards-Omolewa
Phone: 302-857-6645