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Our faculty are encouraged to actively engage in Research and Innovation. Hands-on research comprises an important part of the overall educational experience afforded our students.

  Grant-writing in the CMNST

Writing grants within the College

Research is an important part of the lifeline of the CMNST. As with every organization, department or entity, the College has a common set of processes that it uses to get things done. Here are just a few friendly reminders on how to most-efficiently get things done within the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology.

  • Send first notification to the CMNST Dean & Department Chair of intent to prepare grant, and whether institutional support is desired.
  • Complete on-line notification regarding intention to submit grant at Office of Sponsored Programs. The web form is found at:
  • If applicable, secure persons to write support letters (i.e., Dept Chairperson, Dean, Provost, President, Collaborators, external stakeholders, anyone who must deliver on a commitment for the project to succeed). Make sure to provide project information and/or draft letters to support letter-writers. Include a due date for letter receipt.
  • Follow up on support-letters. 
  • Submit proposed budget for review to Chairperson, Dean's Office, and OSP. (Note: Any requests for commitment of release time, space, or other resources requires prior coordination with Dean at the start of budget development. Submit these proposals to Ms. Vanessa Nesbit for Letters of Commitment by the Dean.)
  • Finalize budget—agreed upon by PI, OSP, Chairperson, and Dean.
  • Submit final drafts of proposal, budget, & internal processing form to Dean’s Office for Dean’s signature and forward to the Office of Sponsored Programs 7-10 business days prior to agency deadline. 

Also refer regularly to the Office of Sponsored Programs page links for specifics on institutional grant-writing protocols and important forms to be used pre-, post-grant award. 


**NOTE:  If you plan to submit a proposal to an agency with limitations on the number of applications that may be submitted per institution, see documents below for procedure and forms. Return completed applications to Dr. David Pokrajac,


Processing Form



Frequently used funding agency links:

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation

Dept of Education

Have additional questions? Contact Dr. David Pokrajac, Associate Dean for Research & Analytics at or Vanessa Nesbit at ext. 6502.


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