Becoming an International Visiting Scholars (J-1)

Becoming an International Visiting Scholar (J-1)

The College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology (CMNST) welcomes the participation of graduate students of multiple ethnicities in our research programs. Such collaboration fosters the cross-pollination of innovative ideas that helps enrich the overall academic culture within the College and on the DSU campus. This page outlines the process for participating as a graduate exchange student within the College.

For Students

For Sponsoring Faculty


Requesting to be an exchange visiting scholar (J-1)

Students wishing to be a visiting or exchange student at Delaware State University under the auspices of a Principal Investigator (PI) within the CMNST should adhere to the following procedure: 

  1. Submit a letter of request to the PI of the laboratory you intend to work with, including the following information -
    • proposed duration, start and end date
    • if sponsored through an external fellowship, provide proposed funding source for subsistence and incidentals (stipend, housing, meals, travel expenses, insurance)
    • proposed funding source of international processing (visa, DS-2019)
  2. Submit a copy of current curriculum vita.
  3. Submit a copy of valid I-94 (which should be in the passport).
  4. Submit a copy of insurance information.
Exchange students should direct questions about processing the DS-2019 to the Office of International Affairs (OIA),, or (302) 857-6421.

**Upon arrival on campus, the exchange visitor is to immediately report to the OIA, and will be asked to provide a copy of the following documents:

  • a copy of the stamped DS-2019 form
  • a copy of the visa
  • a copy of the I-94 card (in the passport)
  • Insurance information
Please call ahead to schedule appointment with OIA: (302) 857-6421.

Hosting an exchange visiting scholar

Requestors of exchange visitors must provide the following documents to the OIA as soon as possible:

  • Letter of request to host exchange visitor, including duration, start and end dates, source of funding and department number from which expenses will be paid.
  • Secure approval of Chairperson of the hosting department (can sign original request form requestor).
  • Secure approval of the Dean of College (can sign original request from requestor), before sending packet of original request to Provost for approval.
  • Forward a copy of letter of request, copy of passport, and copy of curriculum vita to the OIA.

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