Web Search Tools


The following web search tools can assist you in searching the web.

Search Tool Description
About.com Expert guidance from real people searching theWeb.

Web Address: http://www.about.com

All the Web Search the Web and FTP sites.

Web Address: http://alltheweb.com

AltaVista Searches the Web and Usenet using the largest search engines.

Web Address: http://www.altavista.com

AskJeeves Search AskJeeves using your own language as well as other search engines.

Web Address: http://www.askjeeves.com/index.asp

DogPile Meta Search.

Web Address: http://www.dogpile.com/index.gsp

Google Subject directory and Internet resources.

Web Address: http://www.google.com

HotBot Searches Inktomi, Google, FAST, and Teoma.

Web Address: http://www.hotbot.com

Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections.

Web Address: http://infomine.ucr.edu

Infoseek  Search the Web, Usenet, and newswires.

Web Address: http://www2.infoseek.com

The Internet Public Library The first public library for the Internet community.

Web Address: http://www.ipl.org

LibDex Directory of library home pages.

Web Address: http://www.libdex.com

Librarian's Index to the Internet  A subject directory of evaluated and annotated sites.

Web Address: http://lii.org

Scout Report Weekly publication with new Internet resources for researchers and educators.

Web Address: http://scout.wisc.edu/archives

WWW Virtual Library Compilation of key links on various subjects areas.

Web Address: http://vlib.org

Yahoo Subject directory and Internet resources.

Web Address: http://www.yahoo.com