Interlibrary Loan





1. What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

ILL provides books, technical reports, conference proceedings and  photocopies of articles that are not available at the William C. Jason Library-Learning Center. This service is only available to Delaware State University faculty, staff and students. You can print out forms and return to the Circulation/Reserves Desk. The conditions of each transaction are set by the Interlibrary Loan Code of the American Library Association and by policies of the individual libraries.

2. How does EDDplus Work?

All request are submitted electronically through EDDplus. Once received, your request will be processed by Systems and Resource Sharing. Upon receipt of your article(s) you will receive notification via email. Your article(s) can then be retrieved and downloaded.

3. Who May Borrow Through the ILL Service?

Interlibrary request forms are available online, you can also get request forms at the  Reference Desk, Circulation Desk and in the Serials Office, Room 221. Forms must be completed accurately then submitted to the librarian in the Electronic Research Center. A separate form is required for each item requested. An incomplete or incorrect citation may result in a delay or cause a request to be returned as UNFILLED. When requesting journals, it is also necessary to include the complete reference for the original source of the citation.

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4. How Many ILL Requests May I Submit At One Time?

There is no limit. Request are submitted at EDDplus.

5. What is the Waiting Period for Receiving My ILL/EDDplus Items?

The William C. Jason Library is a member of a computer-based interlibrary loan network and most requests can be filled within two weeks.  However, completion time can vary greatly based on the availability of the material.

6. How Am I Notified That My ILL Has Arrived?

When interlibrary loan books have arrived, you will be notified via email or telephone.

7. Where Do I Pick Up My Interlibrary Loan in the William C. Jason Library?

All books requested through interlibrary loan may be picked up at, and returned to, the Circulation/Reserves desk during library hours of operation. For information on items you have requested, called 857-6193.  Articles will be sent via email through EDDplus if requested.

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8. Is There a Charge for Interlibrary Loan Materials?

Normally, there is no charge to patrons for basic interlibrary loan service at the William C. Jason Library. However, some lending libraries charge fees that are passed on to patrons. Patrons are responsible for paying overdue fines to the lending library through the William C. Jason Library-Learning Center interlibrary loan office for books that are returned after the date due. Patrons are also responsible for replacement cost of lost books.

9. Is ILL Service Available on a Year-Round Basis?

Yes. Interlibrary loan service is available all year.