Information Literacy


Delaware State University students have access to an Information Literacy program designed to develop the necessary skills to locate, evaluate, manage and use information from a variety of print and information technology resources.  Students should be able to make effective and efficient decisions in their academic, professional, and personal lives. The program enables students to achieve information literacy competency as described in the Association of College and Research Libraries ACRL, Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.


The Information Literate student will become a graduate who is a productive and competitive member of the workforce, and an independent lifelong learner.


  • To determine the extent of information required for classes.
  • To formulate effective research strategies.
  • To access and synthesize information effectively and efficiently.
  • To analyze and evaluate information and its sources critically, and without prejudice.
  • To become well-rounded and responsible citizens in a democratic society.
  • To use information effectively and accurately to accomplish a particular goal.
  • To access information ethically and legally.