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A unique opportunity to help make the transition from high school to college life a lot easier!

  Learning Communities at DSU

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 Learning Communities are designed to make the transition to Delaware State University (DSU) easier, we at DSU offer students the opportunity to participate in Learning Communities (LCs) and/or Living-Learning Communities (L-LCs) during their first year. The purpose of a LC is to create connections. All LCs allow groups of students with similar interests to connect with each other, connect to campus activities, and connect to faculty.


What is a Learning Community?

A learning community (LC) is a group of students who have the same major and are enrolled in the same courses. A LC provides students with a strong academic foundation through integrative learning. This is accomplished by linking two or more courses across disciplines based upon a common theme or interest. This fall, based upon your major you may be in a linked course that is led by a dedicated faculty member who is committed to your academic success. The following is a list of our LC offerings; Apply online

Learning Communities Themes  (Linked Courses) 

  • College Advance  (English Composition I and American History from 1865)​
  • The Physical Energy of Engineering  (Physics and Engineering)
  • Carefully Calculating Aerodynamics  (College Algebra and Aviation)
  • The Chemistry of Life  (English Composition I and Chemistry)
  • Organisms, Writing, and Problem-Solving   (English Composition I, Biology, and Quantitative Skills)
  • Accounting for Your Future   (English Composition I and Accounting)


What is a Living-Learning Community?

A living-learning community (L-LC) allows students the option to live as a community of learners in a designated section of a residence hall for a particular cohort of students. L-LC students mingle with other students of various majors. The activities of the L-LC are organized by its creative coordinator, and in some cases, upper classmen.  Below we have listed the L-LC offerings, please visit Living-Learning Community for more details.  

Living-Learning Communities (Residential/Themed)

  • College Advance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Jumpstart
  • Leadership & Service
  • Project Success


What Can a Learning Community Offer Me?

Learning communities were created to help first year students successfully transition into college by providing a multilevel support system which includes faculty, staff, students, and peer mentors. Students who actively participate in learning communities have:

  • Common classes
  • Common extracurricular and or cocurricular activities
  • Common faculty/instructor who are interested in your academic growth and development
  • Peer mentors to whom you can turn to for extra support


Who Can Be in a Learning Community?

You can, all incoming first time freshmen students are eligible to participate in learning communities.  Upon being accepted, read all emails that are subject-marked “Learning Communities” carefully and be sure to follow through on all instructions!


How to Apply? 

If you are interested in any of the Learning or Living- Learning Communities listed above and complete the application form. You will also have an opportunity to enroll in a Learning Community with the help of your Advisor during New Student Orientation


Want More Information?

 Please feel free to contact us at   or 302-857-7201.