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A unique opportunity to help make the transition from high school to college life a lot easier!

  Learning Communities at DSU

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Learning Communities at Delaware State University

For incoming freshmen, Delaware State University offers a unique opportunity to help make the transition from high school to college life a lot easier.

To form new friendships — and feel a sense of belonging on campus — join one of DSU’s Learning Communities!

As a member of a Learning Community, you’ll have the chance to be part of a community of learners with similar interests and goals within the DSU community. You’ll take part in activities that support learning inside and outside of the classroom, and you’ll build a connection with faculty, advisors and your peers.

There are two ways you can take advantage of this opportunity at Delaware State University:

  • Option 1: Enroll in a Learning Community in which you’re linked with fellow students in a few courses based on an interest, topic or theme.
  • Option 2: If you’re going to live on campus, apply to join a residential Living-Learning Community, where you’ll live — and study, learn and socialize — with fellow members in the same residence hall.

Option 1: Learning Communities

What Can a Learning Community Offer Me?

Learning Communities can provide you with a strong foundation in integrated and active learning, enriching your DSU experience. Students are linked in two or three courses based upon a common interest, special topic or interdisciplinary theme.

The following are examples of linked courses that were offered in the past: 

The Importance of Internships English Composition I and Business
Activism in Action: The Great March on Washington and Its Cultural Legacy English Composition I and Mass Communication
Life Lessons English Composition I and Mass Communication 
Understanding Our Natural Environment English Composition I and Agriculture 
Perception vs. Self-Actualization  English Composition I and Psychology
The Chemistry of Life  English Composition I and Chemistry
Overcoming Challenges to a Health Life English Composition I and Nursing 
Organisms, Writing and Problem-Solving English Composition I, Biology and Quantitative Skills 

How to Apply? 

If you are interested in a common interest, special topic or interdisciplinary themed Learning Community, your academic advisor will assist you in selecting the right course for you. You will have an opportunity to enroll in a Learning Community with the help of your advisor during New Student Orientation

Option 2: Living-Learning Communities

How Can I Find Out More About Living-Learning Communities?

If you plan to live in our traditional residence halls, there are eight residential Living-Learning Communities with specific themes from which you can choose to participate. Review the list of Living-Learning Communities to find one that matches your interests and goals and learn how to apply.