KaLonna Maull

KaLonna D. Maull 

Supervisor, Perdue Farms Inc.'s Further Processing Department
BS in Food and Nutritional Sciences, 2010
MS in Food Science, 2012


DSU: What made you decide to major in Food and Nutritional Sciences?

KALONNA: I was interested in that major because (a younger family member) was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. My whole family’s focus was on that. At that time, diabetes wasn’t discussed as much, and we as a family had to learn about it. My mom was kind of devastated and I wanted to help her learn how a child with diabetes should deal with it. The biggest challenge is the monitoring of your diet, and that is a lot for a little kid.


DSU: What was your experience like once you started in the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences?

KALONNA: I had a great experience as an undergraduate. I was senior class president, and I wanted to work hard to help our students be involved. … Because we were at the back of the campus, and because some of our students commuted, sometimes we weren’t always as well-connected with what was going on with the rest of the campus. So I tried to make sure other students knew about things going on outside of the college. I had a great time in my college and my department.  One of my main goals was to give us more exposure. Many people on campus didn’t know we had a nutrition program in the college.

DSU: What other activities were you involved in outside of your college?

KALONNA: In addition to being senior class president, I was – and still am – a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. I was also a member of the Alpha Pi Honor Society, Food and Nutrition Club (FAN Club), DSU Chapter of the NAACP, as well as Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS).

DSU: How would you describe your overall experience at DSU?

KALONNA: Overall, it has not only given me two academic degrees, but also a degree in perseverance. It prepared me for life. As a result of my experience at DSU, I make sure I have all my things in line, especially concerning money. I learned the importance of saving documentation, which some students had a problem with. DSU has prepared me for the real world. It was also interesting to be a part of the then-new master’s degree program in Food Science. We were the first graduating class to do our research on campus (we previously did research at a USDA facility in Pennsylvania).