PRIDE: Innovation Grants

The Goals for PRIDE Innovation Grants

The six goals that are being developed in support of a new strategic plan, PRIDE 2018,  are the high-level, key areas of focus that are necessary to achieve our vision of academic excellence, producing and placing outstanding graduates,  and  effectively serving the citizens of Delaware and beyond. This plan is designed as a living document and recognizes that Delaware State University must be positioned to respond rapidly and effectively to emerging issues that Delaware, the nation and the world face now and in years ahead. As such, Delaware State’s growth strategy will be to maintain current strengths while expanding into new strategic areas. The six goals are: 

Intellectual Climate:  Create an exceptional learning environment that promotes challenging, high-quality curricular and co-curricular programs, engaged student learning, and local and global citizenship.

Student Success:  Recruit, develop and retain, graduate and place outstanding students.

Research and Scholarship: Increase and sustain excellence in scholarly and creative research that addresses significant state, regional, national and global challenges.

Service Beyond Self: Strengthen and expand the University’s outreach, engagement and economic development programs to benefit the people of Delaware, the nation and the world.

Sustainability: Enhance and extend the University's environmental stewardship through education, research, outreach, conservation and innovation.

Institutional and Operational Effectiveness:  Enhance, leverage and diversify our resources to fulfill the University's mission.


PRIDE Innovation Grants

The purpose of the Innovation Grants is to advance the goals and priorities of the PRIDE vision of academic excellence. Up to five one-time-only Innovation Grants will be awarded to challenge the development of projects, activities and experiences that will build the community capacity to develop and preserve intellectual capital, as well as deepen the understanding of the goals and priorities and their contributions to building an extraordinary land-grant university. Each grant will be awarded in August 2013.



The proposal is open to all faculty members.


Application Process: Application

The application package must include:

  1. Proposal of not more than three single-spaced, size 12-font pages that address one or more of the goals or priorities. The proposal should include: (i) clearly delineated goals, objectives and expected outcomes; (ii) a description of the project that includes the roles of collaborators; (iii) approach or methodology; (iv) timeline; and (v) evaluation procedures.
  2. Project Budget (maximum – $20,000 – one time allocation) of one page and a budget narrative that explains how the budget items related to the project. There is no overhead.
  3. Appendix – each application must include:  (i) letters of commitment/partners; (ii) biographical sketch of key personnel (2 pages); and (iii) suggested reviewers.


Submission Process:

Completed grant application form that is dated and signed by the chair and dean.

To be considered for the PRIDE Innovation Grants, submit an electronic version of the application to the Office of the Provost – – by 6 p.m. on July 15, 2013.