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Abstracts Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations:

Abstracts should be 350 words or less, typed, and single-spaced with 12-point font using Times New Roman. The title should be bold with all major words in the title capitalized.  Allow one single space following the title and list the author(s) names, followed by faculty advisor(s) name and department affiliation, university name, city, state, and zip code.

Your abstract should include:

  • Introductory Statement
  • Purpose or Problem Statement
  • Methodology, Procedure, or Approach
  • Major Results or Findings
  • Conclusion

If your activity was funded then please acknowledge your funders at the end of the abstract. This will not be considered a part of the 350 word limit. Skip one line following the conclusion of the abstract, begin with Funder Acknowledgement(s) (bold type).

Funder Acknowledgement Example: This study was supported in part by the MBRS RISE Program at DSU funded by NIGMS and by DSU Department of Biological Sciences.

Abstract submissions should follow formatting instructions. It is an expectation that all abstracts will appear in the symposium program booklet as submitted and therefore should be error free and will not be revised.

Abstracts should include the following information at the bottom of the page:

  • Names, email addresses and telephone numbers for author(s) and research advisor(s)
  • Presentation format: Oral or Poster 
  • Program area:
  • Agro-Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Education
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Business Management and Human Services

All abstracts must be received by March 20, 2015.

Email abstracts to gradsymp@desu.edu

Graduate Student Research Symposium

Abstracts Guidelines



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