Blue Ribbon Commission Input Form

Thank you for your interest in the Delaware State University Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) and your willingness to participate in the process by providing your input. The Commission values the insight, perception and experiences represented by university stakeholders and constituency groups. The BRC will require specific information to effectively assist the team in the creation of a new vision and core values for Delaware State University. Please use the questions below as a guide in providing the information the BRC will use to conclude its task. Answers are limited to 120 words per question.

Thank you,

The Blue Ribbon Commission

Please read and consider the following statement before answering the next three questions:

Imagine Delaware State University in 2020 following an exceptionally successful decade of transformational change. DSU has achieved its goals and has become the University it wanted to be. Envision that University and help us see what it would look like. 


Question No. 1
In the year 2020, what aspects of the DSU experience have become so widely admired as to attract the interest of potential students as their first choice for higher education?
Question No. 2
In the year 2020, what unique strengths of a DSU education have equipped our graduates with such an outstanding set of knowledge and skills that they stand out in even the most competitive job markets?
Question No. 3
In the year 2020, what core values has DSU so successfully embodied that the university has become a state and regional leader in teaching, research and community service?
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