Student Accounts Billing Deadlines


The Office of Student Accounts is providing a schedule of billing dates and due dates for Summer Session I & II 2012.  To avoid penalties payment must be received on or before the dates listed.



Payment Due Date


Removal for

$150.00 Non-Payment Fee will be assessed


Last Day for Reinstatement

$150.00 fee due upon reinstatement

Summer I

Upon Enrollment

May 14

May 21

Summer II

Upon Enrollment

June 29

July 6


Summer Session I 2012

A weekly email notification will be sent as a reminder to students that have not been cleared financially. 

Note: Students will receive the e-mail notifications at their official DSU e-mail address. 


Financial Responsibility

The act of registering generates related tuition charges for which you are financially responsible.  If you register and decide you will not be attending, you must officially drop or withdraw from the class through the Office of Records and Registration before the first day of class in order to cancel all charges incurred at the time of registering.