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Delaware State University
Early Childhood Laboratory School

Education & Humanities Center, Rm 116
7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday

  Student Early Field Experiences and Student Notice

DSU Student Early Field Experiences:

The Early Field Experience (EFE) is a vital and integral part of pre-service teacher preparation. First hand experience exposes students to the realities of the classroom. In general, student experiences fall into one of the two categories below:

1) Observation that requires the students to quietly observe or participate in a teacher’s aide capacity (10 hours).

2) Practicum enables the student to actively participate as directed and guided by the classroom teacher. The student is involved in teaching activities in a variety of group settings. The student’s college instructor visits the classroom during this experience (20-30 hours).

It is the responsibility of the DSU student to meet with the classroom teacher prior to the start of their early field experience. This meeting provides the opportunity to set a schedule that is convenient for the teacher. Classroom teachers are not expected to alter their teaching styles, curriculum, classroom routine or daily plans for the student. It is our hope that this experience will be beneficial to the student, the cooperating teacher and the school.

Student Notice:

Expectations for Observing/Participating in the DSU Early Early Childhood Lab School

If students select or are selected to complete their Early Field Experience hours in the DSU Early Childhood Lab School:

  1. Please remember to sign in and out for verification of your visit. Obtain an EFE badge upon entering if you will be in classrooms. (Badge not needed if in the observation room) Have assigned Teacher, Ms. Mitchell or Mrs. Williams sign your verification form after each visit.
  2. EFE Students are considered volunteers. Volunteers will be present less than seven (7) hours a week, are not counted toward staff/child ratios and must be under the supervision of at least an Early Childhood Teacher, and under the direct observation of at least an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher, at all times and not be alone with the children at any time.
  3. Observation Students will complete structured observations of the classrooms and children from the Observation Room. Follow your course guidelines for completing your observation.
  4.  Practical Experience Students will pre arrange assessments and lesson plans with the classroom teacher prior to interacting with the children. Follow your course guidelines for completing your assignments.
  5.  If you are required to complete multiple hours for different courses, contact your Instructors to determine if multiple cites are required.
  6. Remember to dress appropriately to work with children and their parents. No open toed shoes, low-cut blouses, or short skirts. Please refer to the guidelines distributed by the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences.
  7. No more than (4) four adults permitted per classroom. Please use observation room until the ratio of adults to children decreases.