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Not one to rush off after she spoke to an DSU audience of 200 on Oct. 4, Donna Brazile graciously remained for a bit afterwards to meet some of the University's students, faculty and administrators and pose for some photos with them. She is seen here (7th from the left int he beige outfit) with SGA students.

  Donna Brazile Speaks at DSU -- Photo Slide Show

DSU welcomed renowned veteran Democratic political and campaign strategist Donna Brazile, who as the featured guest speaker on Oct. 4 told an audience of about 200 in the Education & Humanities Theatre that Obama supporters had an important role to play in the 2012 Presidential Election.
“If everyone in the Tea Party votes against Obama, there still won’t be enough votes to beat him if everyone that voted for Obama in 2008 votes for him in 2012,” Ms. Brazile said .
See the below slide show for photos of the event. Photos by Carlos Holmes:

 Ms.Brazile is an adjunct professor, author, syndicated columnist, television political commentator, vice chair of Voter Registration and Participation at the Democratic National Committee, and former chair of the DNC's Voting Rights Institute. She has the distinction of being the only African American to serve as the head campaign manager in a presidential election when she led Al Gore’s 2000 bid for president, in which he was narrowly defeated by George W. Bush in a highly contested election.

Aside from working for the full recovery of her native New Orleans, Ms. Brazile's passion is encouraging young people to vote, to work within the system to strengthen it, and to run for public office, a point she made repeatedly during her presentation.

After she spoke, Ms. Brazile graciously responded to some questions from the audience and then took time pose for the above photos.