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Green Jobs

What exactly is the Green job craze that you may have heard about in recent years? Green jobs are those that require expertise or knowledge in the area of human and/or environmental conservation and sustainability. This goes beyond being a conscientious recycler but a steward of people and planet. A green-collar job is a blue-collar job upgraded to better respect the environment and living conditions on and surrounding our planet. Some additional technical skills and job training are often enough to ramp up workers for green-collar jobs.

A few months of training may be enough to "green" your trade or you may not need to learn entirely new skills in an entirely new field. Better paying green-collar jobs require specific training; college degrees preferred. For a job seeker, this can be good news. A steel worker is working a green-collar job if he or she is building a wind turbine. A construction worker is working a green-collar job if he or she is fixing up buildings so that they leak less energy which helps homeowners save on energy bills and lowers the use of dirty energy. 

Hot fields for green-collar workers include:

Biologist   Alternative Energy
Energy Efficiency   Biochemist
Environmental Compliance   Biodiesel
Green Building Audit   Clean Energy
Recycling   Ecology
Renewable Energy   Environmental
Solar Energy   Interior Designer
Waste Management   Wind Turbine
Wind Power    




Vita Pickrum
Associate VP of Development
Chair of DSU Green Initiative