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Institutional Research, Planning, and Analysis

Kimberley R. Sudler
Assistant Vice President  | 302.857.7036

Phyllis Edamatsu, PhD, Director  | 302.857.7027

Vaughn Hopkins, Associate Director  |  302.857.7921

Diana Yankovich, Technical Assistant  | 302.857.6308

Mission The mission of the office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Analysis is to provide relevant institutional reporting and analysis of all aspects of the University to support decision-making, planning, assessment, and review of institutional performance.   Institutional Research, Planning, and Analysis (IRPA) serves as the official reporting entity for the University to both internal and external audiences. The office is responsible for preparing official university statistics and completing mandated reporting to government agencies and accrediting bodies. The IRPA team provides reporting services to the University community such as analyzing trends, conducting peer comparisons, providing data for program review, compiling data for grant proposals, and completing ad hoc data requests.  The office maintains data repositories to support reporting and information needs of the University. The staff provide consultation in identifying ways to capture data within the University information system (Banner) to meet information needs. The office authors annual publications such as the DSU Fact Book and Retention Update.      Reporting Services In May 2011, the IRPA team began a pilot to implement a business intelligence solution to help meet university information needs.  This project is a collaborative effort with IRPA and the Information Technology Division. In December 2011, the Institutional Research, Planning, and Analysis Portal was launched.  The IRPA Portal is a gateway to university reporting resources that includes operational reports, trend reports, and tracking dashboards as phase one deliverables of the pilot. Phase two and beyond will include the development of dashboards for key performance indicators, specialized dashboards for strategic areas of importance, and performance based-budgeting metrics. Access to this proprietary university resource is available presently to members of a pilot group which includes close to 20 university employees.   The IRPA Portal is accessible from any university desktop with a web browser. Areas interested in becoming part of the pilot may contact the IRPA staff.