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Housing Comparison Matrix

  Traditional Residence Hall Matrix To provide a quick view of the features and amenities available at each of our traditional facilities, we have provided this handy quick-reference matrix. Facility Name Laws Hall Tubman Hall Living & Learning Commons  Jenkins Hall Evers Hall Wynder Towers Warren- Franklin Hall (West) Warren- Franklin Hall (East) Residents Freshman Freshman Upperclass Freshmen Freshmen Honors Upperclass Upperclass Building Style Traditional Traditional Traditional Traditional Traditional Suites Suites Suites Residence Floors 3 3 6 3 3 6 3 5 Building Capacity 111 108 265 245 244 86 135 193 Approx. # sharing bath 37 22 2 27 27 4 6 6 Can stay during breaks No No No No No No No No Carpeted Rooms No No Yes No No Yes No No Laundry Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Study Lounge Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes A/C No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes More Information Details Details Details Details Details Details Details Details Facility Name Lydia P. Laws Harriet Tubman Living & Learning Commons Meta Jenkins Medgar Evers Richard Wynder Warren- Franklin Hall (West) Warren- Franklin Hall (East) Each facility has a unique style all it's own, providing a variety of supportive environments as you move through your education.    

Campus Ministries

Alpha Nu Omega This organization offers a lifestyle that is “joyous, satisfying and rewarding.”  The emphasis is on the joy found in worshiping and serving God.  This organization meets weekly for study, discussions, and fellowship. Baptist Student Union This organization is sponsored by the Baptist church but is open to all that wish to participate.  This organization conducts prayer services, praise and Bible study, revivals, mission trips, and various other activities.  Members participate in the Annual National Baptist Student Retreat. Catholic Campus Ministries The purpose of this organization is to uplift the Catholic community on Delaware State University’s campus.  This will be done through various activities, which include, worship services, guest speakers, and revivals.  Weekly meeting are held and are open to all student who wish to attend. Fellowship of Christian Athletes This organization meets for prayer and devotions weekly, and is open to all that wish to participate. This is a “Christ” centered organization, which is Bible based, spirituality nurturing, and stresses the value of participation in a church congregation.  The organization seeks to present athletes, coaches, and those whom they influence with the challenge and adventure of receiving Christ as Savior and serving Him through the FCA and the Church. Gospel Choir The DSU Gospel Choir provides a spiritual outlet for students to learn about the fundamentals of music and about the evolution or gospel music.  The members of the choir perform a variety of concerts, both, on and off campus.  The choir participates in at least one annual tour (usually the Atlanta National Gospel Workshop and Competition).  Participation is open to all students who seek spiritual inspiration in song. Muslim Fellowship This club meets once per week for prayers, study, and fellowship.  The weekly meeting is open to all students who wish to participate.  The purpose of the organization is to empower the Muslim community on the campus of Delaware State University through various activities. Student Against A Godless Society This organization seeks to give Christian students an outlet on Delaware State University’s campus. This outlet consists of biblical teachings and community service.  Other activities include weekly church services for all interested students of the University, campus ministries, and food and clothing drives.  The organization encourages students to make positive lifestyle choices by setting good examples of these choices. United Campus Ministries This club will provide a variety of religious and social programs and social programs for students at Delaware State University. These activities will include Bible study, worship, discussion groups, retreats, conferences, and fellowship. The purpose is to promote social and recreational activities for interested students on DSU’s campus.  Membership is open to all full-time or part-time students at DSU, regardless of denominational affiliation or lack thereof. Wesley Foundation All programs are open to all that wish to participate, regardless of denomination, church affiliation, or lack thereof.  This organization holds weekly Bible studies, discussion and fellowship.  Members of this organization attend the National Student Forum held annually, as well as other conferences and retreats.  This organization sponsors the Listening Post Ministry and various other programs. Whatcoat Praise Ministries The purpose of this organization is to minister through servant leadership.  The organization offers innovative Christian programs.  Programs include; praise dance, speak outs (Contemporary Christian issues), and worship services.  This organization is open to all students with a desire of knowledge for a Christian lifestyle.

Student Media

Hornet Newspaper The Hornet newspaper covers news that is important to Delaware State University.  It provides experience in related areas of journalism to all interested students.  The organization is responsible for publishing at least one issue of The Hornet every month of the academic year. Statesmen Yearbook This organization wishes to promote school pride and unity at Delaware State University.  It produces a very high quality yearbook the students of DSU can be proud to share with others.  It promotes pride through various community service activities and fund-raisers. WDSU Radio This organization is primarily concerned with initiating and furthering the creative and technical potential of its members is radio medium.  The members of this organization are allowed the opportunity to expand their creative abilities to radio as well as promote the teaching of technical skills in broadcasting as a career or exploratory experience. WDSU-TV This organization features programs written, directed, and produced by DSU students.  Membership is open to all students who audition for on-air or behind-the-scenes positions. The Mass Communication Society oversees the station operations.

Musical Groups

Concert Band The band plays for Delaware State University’s opening convocation and other important events.  Membership is open to students who qualify by auditioning with the band director. Concert Choir The choir sings at Delaware State University’s opening convocation and other important events.  The choir consists of a selected group of mixed voices.  Membership is open to all students who qualify by auditioning with the choir director. Gospel Choir The DSU Gospel Choir provides a spiritual outlet for students to learn about the fundamentals of music and about the evolution of gospel music.  The members of the choir perform a variety of concerts, both on and off campus.  The choir participates in at least one annual tour (usually the Atlanta National Gospel workshop and Competition).  The gospel choir is open to all students who seek spiritual inspiration in song. Jazz Ensemble This ensemble includes selected student musicians who play for various occasions on and off campus.  Membership is open to all students who qualify by auditioning with the band director. The Approaching Storm Marching Band The band performs for DSU athletic events.  Membership is open to all students who qualify by auditioning with the band director.

Special Interest Groups

Alpha Nu Omega This organization offers a lifestyle that is “joyous, satisfying, and rewarding.” The emphasis is on the joy found in worshiping and serving God. This organization meets weekly for study, discussion, and fellowship. International Students Association This organization promotes a sense of unity and pride in among all International Students on campus. It increases awareness of the organization and its role on this campus and throughout the community. The organization works to establish social, cultural, and linguistic adaptation among all students on this campus. Soccer Club This organization wishes to produce respectable recognizable individuals with soccer talents at Delaware State University. To enhance the pride and winning spirit in sports on campus and express that to other individuals in the surrounding community. Also, network with other local soccer programs, which will allow them to promote Delaware State University. Student Ambassadors Association This organization fosters pride in Delaware State University through service, support, and positive promotions of its ideals. Student who have completed 30 credits hours at Delaware State University, passed an interview with the executive officers of the association, and furnished two acceptable recommendations from members of the faculty and staff of DSU.

Honor Societies

ALPHA CHI HONOR SOCIETY/Delaware Alpha Chapter SPONSOR:  DR. SAMUEL HOFF Co-Sponsor:  DR. DAWN A. LOTT Alpha Chi is a co-educational honors society whose purpose is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among college and university students and to honor those who achieve such distinction. Criteria:  Top 1% of Junior or Senior Class (minimum 3.9 GPA) ALPHA DELTA MU NATIONAL SOCIAL WORK HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR: Founder: DR. ERNESTINE C. BRITTINGHAM The primary objective of Alpha Delta Mu is to encourage, stimulate, recognize and maintain superior scholarship in social work education and to advance excellence in social work practice. Criteria: A student must be a Social Work or Social Welfare major, have demonstrated leadership ability, a high standard of personal behavior and a dedication to social work practice. Baccalaureate Students:  3.0 GPA Overall, 3.50 GPA in all Social Work classes, junior status and 20  hours of volunteer work that is NOT a part of field practicum. Graduate Students: 15 semester hours or equivalent in Social Work, GPA of 3.5 or above, 20 hours of volunteer work that is NOT a part of field practicum.  The members of this organization hold an induction ceremony every spring semester, and current members are encouraged to make presentations at Honors Day. ALPHA KAPPA MU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY/Mu Alpha Chapter SPONSOR: DR. SAMUEL HOFF Founded in the 1990’s, this honor society promotes high scholarship, encourages sincere and zealous endeavors in all fields of knowledge and service. It cultivates a high order of personal living, and develops an appreciation for scholarship and scholarly endeavors in others. Membership is open to students of junior or senior classification who rank in the upper twenty percent of their class with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.25 or above. ALPHA RHO CHI ENGLISH HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR:  DR. MYRNA NURSE The Delaware State University chapter of Alpha Rho Xi was established in 2010. There have been 23 students inducted including 8 students inducted this year. Criteria: A minimum of 3.25 GPA in English courses, a minimum of 3.00 cumulative GPA, completion of at least three semesters of course work, and completion of at least 12 credits in English. BETA GAMMA SIGMA BUSINESS HONORARY SOCIETY SPONSORS:  DR. CARLOS M. RODRIGUEZ, DR. BRIDGET ANAKWE Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honorary Society was found on November 14, 2007 at DSU. Criteria: Upper 10% of the class (assessed through GPA).  Inductees demonstrate character, integrity, highest standards of ethics, and professionalism. Including 2nd semester Juniors, Seniors and masters students there have been 77 students inducted thus far. CHI ALPHA SIGMA NATIONAL ATHLETE HONOR SOCIETY/Delaware Alpha Chapter SPONSOR: DR. SAMUEL HOFF Chi Alpha Sigma National Athlete Honor Society granted a charter to DSU in 1999. The Delaware Alpha Chapter has inducted 152 athletes from that time to the present. The criteria for induction include a 3.4 or higher overall grade point average, junior-senior status, and one or more letters earned in an intercollegiate varsity sport.     ETA SIGMA DELTA The purpose of this society is to recognize the scholastic and professional achievement of students in hospitality management, tourism, and culinary arts. Members of this society pledge to uphold excellence, leadership, creativity, service, and ethics in their personal lives. Membership is open to all Hospitality Management majors. FMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR: DR. NANDITA DAS FMA National Honor Society was established in January 2011 at DSU.  Criteria: 3.25GPA in finance and/or related subjects. Exceptions applicable. KAPPA DELTA PI INTERNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR: MRS. MARQUITA THOMAS-BROWN Kappa Delta Pi is an International Honor Society for Education majors.  Requirements for induction:  All students must be education majors, undergraduates must be 2nd semester sophomores and have a 3.0 or better, and graduates must have a 3.25 or better. KAPPA OMICRON NU HUMAN ECOLOGY HONOR SOCIETY/Nu Alpha Beta SPONSORS:  DR. CAROL GIESECKE AND DR. JUNGMI OH Nu Alpha Beta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu was chartered at DSU in April, 2011. Criteria: Inductees must have completed 45 semester hours of course work and be in top 25% of the class. To date, 19 people have been inducted. LAMBDA PI ETA MASS COMMUNICATIONS HONOR SOCIETY/Alpha Alpha Gamma Chapter SPONSOR: MS. AVA PERRINE Co-Sponsor: DR. FRANCINE EDWARDS The Alpha Alpha Gamma chapter of Lamba Pi Eta was founded at DSU in 2008. Membership in Lambda Pi Eta comprises undergraduate students majoring in the field of communications, who have achieved a high level of academic excellence. To be eligible for membership, students must have completed 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) in undergraduate credit courses; have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, a 3.25 in the Mass Communications major, and be currently enrolled as a full-time student in good standing.  The society currently has 28 members. NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR COLLEGIATE SCHOLARS/Delaware State University Chapter SPONSOR: CAPTAIN STEPHEN R. SPEED The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers. The DSU Chapter was established in 2008 and has 266 members, to date.  Criteria: Students must be of freshman or sophomore status and have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. NURSING HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR:  MARGE AGNOSTINO, DNP, MSW, RN-BC, IBCLC The Delaware State University Department of Nursing Honor Society (founded in 1993) abides by the rules of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. The purpose of this society is to recognize superior achievement and the development of the leadership qualities, to foster higher professional standards, encourage creative work, and to strengthen commitment to the ideals and purpose of the profession. Criteria: Students are required to have completed one-half of the Nursing curriculum, and rank in the upper 35% of the graduating class, and meet the expectation of academic integrity. An outstanding undergraduate student must have a GPA of at least a 3.0 with only 2 semesters of clinical course work and an outstanding graduate student must have a GPA of at least 3.5 and completed 2 semesters of the Masters Program.  To date, 113 members have been inducted. OMICRON DELTA EPSILON INTERNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IN ECONOMICS/Beta of Delaware SPONSOR:  DR. JAN E. CHRISTOPHER Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society in Economics was founded at DSU in 1996. Criteria: Undergraduates: completion of 12 semester hours of economics courses, attainment of at least a “B” average in economics courses and an overall “B” average in all classes, and a class standing in the upper one-third. Students do not have to be economics majors, but must have a genuine interest in economics in addition to meeting the other requirements.  Graduate: completion of one semester of full-time work, with attainment of a “B” or better average. Number of inductees thus far including the 2011-2012 inductees:  1 PHI ALPHA THETA HISTORY HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR: DR. NIKLAS ROBINSON Phi Alpha Theta was originally chartered as a Sigma Tau chapter at DSU in 1970. It is open to History majors with an overall 3.0 GPA and 3.1 GPA in their major. PI GAMMA MU INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY/Delaware Alpha Chapter SPONSOR: DR. SAMUEL HOFF Pi Gamma Mu International Social Science Honor Society granted a charter to DSU in the Fall of 2006.  The Delaware Alpha Chapter held its first induction of members in Spring 2007.  Requirements for induction include a 3.0 overall grade point average and junior-senior status in political science, history, sociology, psychology or philosophy. PI SIGMA ALPHA NATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY/Upsilon Pi Chapter SPONSOR: DR. SAMUEL HOFF Co-Sponsors: DR. AKWASI OSEI AND DR. IFEYINWA UDEZULU Pi Sigma Alpha is open to political science majors who have junior or senior class status and who have maintained a minimum 3.0 grade point average in the major and overall. The Upsilon Pi Chapter was chartered at DSU in 1995.  Including the students listed below, the institution has seen 69 people inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha.   PINNACLE SPONSOR: DR. AMYSTIQUE Y. HARRIS-CHURCH DSU Founder: MS. JANET JOHNSON ‘91 Pinnacle is a national honor society that recognizes the achievements of adult and non-traditional students. PINNACLE was founded in January 1983 by Dr. Frank Julian of Murray State University in Kentucky.  On November 1, 1989, Delaware State University received its charter as an institution member of PINNACLE. Selection for membership in Pinnacle represents the highest achievement of academic performance and out-of-class accomplishments. Criteria: Students must achieve a 3.0 or better cumulative grade point average, junior or senior status, must have completed a minimum of thirty hours at DSU and be at least 25 years or older, and must have been involved in at least three on-campus or off-community service organizations. PSI CHI INTERNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IN PSYCHOLOGY SPONSOR:  DR. BRIAN FRIEL Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology was established at DSU in 1981. Criteria: Students must have a cumulative GPA and a Psychology major GPA of 3.0 and a minimum of 9 credit hours of psychology courses completed at DSU. There have been 166 students inducted thus far.

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Student Organizations

Congratulations to:
Accounting and Finance Club - Academic Org of the Year
Gospel Choir - Social Org of the Year
The Curve - New Student Org of the Year
Kappa Alphi Psi Fraternity, Inc. - Fraternity of the Year
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Student organizations are where leadership skills may be gained and perfected. They provide students an opportunity to pursue their interests, to explore new interest, to expand cultural competencies, and build social assets. Having membership in a student organizations enables students to build and apply organizational and individual capacities for the public good. At Delaware State University, student organizations and groups are governed by the Delaware State University Student Handbook, Student Organization and Advisor’s Handbook, Judicial Affairs Handbook, and all other DSU policies and procedures that cover conduct on campus. There are a variety of student organizations at Delaware State University for students to learn and grow as a valuable member of the campus community. Please click here for a list of current registered organizations. You may contact the Office of Student Leadership and Activities for more information on student organizations and membership. WELCOME NEW AND RETURNING HORNETS! REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATION (RSO) All student organizations must register with the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) by September 30th of the fall semester. Student organizations register as a New Student Organization or a Returning Student Organization. For more information, please consult the STUDENT ORGANIZATION AND ADVISOR HANDBOOK. New Student Organization New student organizations must fill out the NEW STUDENT ORGANIZATION application form and return it to OSLA by the September 30th registration deadline. Upon submission of the application, the new student organization must have at least five member which will encompass their executive board. Returning Student Organizations Returning RSO’s must update their organizational roster and advisor information packet and return it to OSLA by the September 30th deadline. PLEASE NOTE:  No activities are permitted until after the organizational roster and advisor information has been successfully updated. MEMBERSHIP Membership in student organizations is limited to full-time students, unless otherwise authorized by the OSLA Director or Vice President for Student Affairs.  Membership must be open to all full-time DSU students except for groups where membership is based upon specific skills or achievements (e.g. Departmental Clubs, honor societies, etc.). Members of student organizations are required to conduct themselves according to the codes of conduct outline in the Student Handbook, Judicial Handbook, and the Student Organization and Advisor’s handbook as well as all other University codes of civility.  Organizations that have members who consistently fail to conform to the DSU codes of conduct risk being suspended from operating on campus. Students seeking membership into an organization can contact the OSLA personnel for assistance and information at, 302-857-6390, or in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center, Suite 325, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM – 4:00PM. ADVISING Every student organization must have at least one on-campus advisor selected from the DSU faculty or professional staff in good standing with the University. Advisors are required to attend the Advisor orientation hosted by OSLA and be approved to advise the organization by the Director of OSLA or Vice President for Student Affairs. ELECTIONS On campus, student leaders represent the student body before faculty, administration, staff, and University guests.  Off campus, student leaders represent Delaware State University before the world. Elections for student leaders in the Student Government Association (SGA), Residential Housing Association (RHA), and Campus Activity Board (CAB) are held during the spring semester (typically the beginning of April). Before the elections take place, all candidates vying for positions are required to attend interest meetings and leadership workshops sponsored by OSLA or those authorized by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students unable to attend the required meetings/workshops must obtain a written approval of absence from the Director of OSLA of Vice President for Student Affairs in order to continue their candidacy.  Students who do not attend required meetings/workshops and do not have an approved absence excuse will not move through the election process toward an elected position. Each candidate for will be interviewed by the Student Leadership Advisory Council prior to the campaigning and promotion to balloted status.  Interviews will conclude prior to the mandatory campaign workshops. Candidates who are unable to be interviewed will relinquish their candidacy unless they receive written permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs or Director of OSLA that they may continue on through the election process. Candidates who interview and are selected to attend the mandatory campaign workshop will receive notice of balloted status once the campaign workshops conclude. Those who move on to balloted status are required to complete the campaign mode specific to the role for which they seek candidacy.  Royal Court members will ready themselves for the Royal Court pageant managed by Mr. and Miss DSU as governed by the Mr. and Miss DSU and Royal Court Handbook. Candidates seeking roles in SGA, CAB, and RHA are governed by the election process outlined in their Constitution and By-laws to include (but are not limited to) attending Speech Night, Debate Night, and the Speak Out session prior to election day. Candidates are required to follow election guidelines on Election Day as presented by OSLA.   Candidates who fail to comply with Election Day guidelines automatically relinquish their candidacy.  Student voting generally decides who wins elected positions with the exception of Mr. and Miss DSU whose roles are guided by the election process outlined in the Mr. and Miss DSU and Royal Court Handbook.  Current student leaders host a new student leader luncheon and installation ceremony for elected student leaders.  The newly elected student leaders swear in with an official oath of office that upholds the Universities policies and procedures and student organization’s Constitution and By-laws. ANTI-HAZING POLICY Hazing is defined as any conduct which subjects another person (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically) to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade or intimidate the person as a condition of membership in an organization, regardless of the person’s consent to the activity. Hazing is not permitted by any student organization member, is illegal in most states, and is against the student code of conduct at Delaware State University. Organizations found to be in violation of this may lose their status as a recognized student organization of the University. Individual members of student organizations who are found to be in violation of this policy and/or in violation of the Student Judicial code and may be disciplined in accordance with the University’s disciplinary procedures. Students/members are encouraged to report hazing incidents and may contact Delaware State University Public Safety at (302) 857-6290 or 7911; Office of Student Leadership and Activities at (302) 857-6390 or; Vice President for Student Affairs at (302) 857-6300; Judicial Affairs at (302) 857-6470.  For more information on Delaware State University that follows the State of Delaware anti-Hazing Policy, including examples of the behaviors that could be construed as hazing, please consult the Delaware Code, Chapter 93 Anti Hazing Law and Delaware State University Student Handbook.

Service & Community

 As a land-grant university, Delaware State University has a three-part mission: to teach, to research—and to serve. DSU’s commitment to service extends to the local, national, and global communities. The university offers a variety of student organizations and university programs that let you get involved in a way that interests you. Participate on campus, off campus, or across the world. Have you… ever helped a friend in crisis? ever given the gift of laughter to someone in a nursing home? ever cleaned up a park? ever run in a 5K charity race? ever written your senator about an important issue? If so, you know how good it feels to give something of yourself to the world. You can serve the campus community by: being a DSU Cadet in the campus police force being a resident assistant in a dormitory counseling other students helping to stage campus events on health awareness and other topics Opportunities abound in the Dover area, through social service agencies, churches, and other organizations. Some of these opportunities include: The DSU International Students Association recently served food to needy people at a Salvation Army facility in Dover. More than 200 DSU students volunteered as judges and assistants at a Special Olympics held on campus. The Delaware State University Choir performs at community events. Other students assist in a variety of summer youth programs, including mentoring local children who need a big brother or sister. Through DSU’s Office of International Affairs, your commitment to serving other people can take you as far around the world as you wish to travel. Depending on your field of study, you can participate in research and cultural exchanges that stretch across six continents. Imagine participating in Study Abroad Programs to improve public health, raise better food crops, or recover from the wounds of war. Imagine acquiring new skills, and then using those skills to give back to other communities near and far. Imagine living out the high ideals of Delaware State University’s motto: “Enter to learn. Go forth to serve.” Related Links and Opportunities: Coastal Clean Up  

Office of Student Leadership & Activities


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Facebook: DSUOSLA


The Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) provides resources that strengthen our students’ leadership skills and engage them in service to their campus, local, regional, and global communities. The primary goal of the DSU OSLA is to invest in the long-term development of students so they can emerge as leaders who are flexible to and facilitating the interconnected global society. OSLA MISSION The mission of the OSLA is to enhance the overall education experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in organized groups, programs and activities that complement the institution’s mission, core values and academic programs and improves leadership and social assets while preparing students to be responsible advocates and citizens. SAMPLE WORKSHOPS AND PROGRAMMING Student Leadership Institute Advisor Coaching and Development Signature Weekend Programs Military/Veterans Appreciation Program Greek Life Multicultural Arts & Entertainment Programs Student Community Service/Volunteerism Commuter/Off-Campus Living Programs Targeted Programs for Non-traditional Students DSU Traditions/Novelty Events & Programs Come get involved and explore your interest!
Vacant, Director
Office of Student Leadership & Activities
Kamillah J.P. Lewis, Associate Director
Student Leadership
Phone:  302.857.6391
Kimberly Acevedo
Office Support
Phone: 302.857.6390

Student Health Services

M,T,F  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
 W,Th  8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Weekends, Holidays  CLOSED
Summer Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

 For emergencies when the health center is closed, contact the Public Safety Department at 302-857-7911.
The Student Health Center is located near the back of campus between Wynder Towers and Soldier Field (the baseball field).
Services Provided Treatment for illness and injury Family Planning Services Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) prevention counseling, testing and treatment (Including confidential HIV testing and counseling) Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) Limited on site diagnostic testing Health promotional activities, health education, and educational workshops Referral for specialty care off campus when deemed necessary The student is responsible for transportation to off campus health care facilities The University is not responsible for medical care received at off campus facilities The SHC does not do physical exams; contact your primary care provider for this service The University does not cover the cost for transportation   Health Care Services On Campus, you have access to medical professionals 5 days a week at the Student Health Center In the local Community, you have access to walk-in care at Urgent Care Centers and emergency care at the hospital The Student Health Center offers health care to all full-time residential and commuter undergraduate students (12 credit hours or more) and full-time residential graduate students (6 credit hours or more). To schedule an appointment call 302-857-6393 or come to the student health center. Students are only eligible to receive services during the semester they are currently enrolled in and will be asked to show a validated Delaware State University Identification Card before any services are rendered. Student Athletes should call the Sports Medicine department at 302-857-7861 to schedule an appointment or go to the Sports Medicine Department. Pre-Entrance Exams All students must have their Student Health Form submitted to the Student Health Center in order to complete the registration process, receive clearance to move into campus housing, and receive heath care services. All full-time incoming freshmen, transfer, and graduate students are required to provide proof of the following immunizations / screenings: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella; Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis; Meningococcal Meningitis; and a recent Tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment screening and/or the Tuberculin Skin Test or blood test (refer to the Student Health Form for additional information).      

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Student Health Center 
Counseling Center 
Accessibility Services 
Public Safety 
Sports Medicine

For confidential health care advice and information call our 24 hr nursing hotline.




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