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NCAA Academic Requirements at a Glance

  Freshman: Must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours at all times to compete and practice. Students must complete a minimum of 6 hours in the previous full-time regular academic term. Students must complete a minimum of 18 hours during the regular academic year (fall and spring) Beginning of Sophomore year: A student must complete 24 credit hours. Minimum of 18 credit hours must be earned during the fall and spring semesters. A minimum of 12 developmental hours may be counted in these 24 credit hours. However these remedial hours do not count in the percentage toward degree.  MIN.  CGPA = 1.80 Credit hours received the summer before the students first academic year can be applied to these 24 credit hours; this includes AP credits, dually enrolled credits (classes taken for college credit while still enrolled in high school). Junior (prior to start of the 5th semester): At the beginning of the academic year a student must have completed a minimum of 40% of the credit hours in their declared major (120 X .40 = 48 credits). Students must also have a declared major on file.                       MIN. CGPA = 1.90 Senior (prior to start of the 7th semester): At the beginning of the academic year a student must have completed a minimum of 60% of the credit hours in their declared major (120 X .60 = 72 credits).   MIN. CGPA = 2.00 5th Year (prior to start of the 9th semester): At the beginning of the academic year a student must have completed a minimum of 80% of the credit hours in their declared major (120 X .80 = 96 credits).                       MIN CGPA = 2.00 * This requirement is for a student that was a redshirt and has a 5th year of eligibility.   Sport practice times are set by the individual teams, and will differentiate base on the availability of facilities. The basic rule is to take classes between 8:00 AM to 2:50 PM daily.   Point of Contact: Academic Services for Student-Athletes offices second floor of William C. Jason Library   Eric Hart, Associate AD, Academic Services, Ext 7542 advises Football and MBB   Nigel Brown, Academic Counselor, Ext 7415, advises Football, Baseball, and M. Track   Sandria Johnson, Academic Counselor, Ext 6038, advises Softball, MBB, and Volleyball   Harry J. Sanchez, Academic Counselor, Ext 7974, advises Equestrian, Bowling, and W Tennis   Roberta Durrington, Learning Specialist, Ext 7304, academic learning strategies; assessment, Football  

Honors Program




The Honors Program at Delaware State University is a key constituent of the university’s Living-Learning Communities. The program is designed to create and nurture a community of academically bright and talented students who value, and are committed to, excellence and intellectual pursuit. It provides students opportunities to engage in classroom processes that de-emphasize formal, impersonal lecturing methods and passive note taking, and instead utilize methods of colloquia and symposia that encourage active intellectual participation, discussion and involvement in the search for knowledge. Mission The mission of the Honors Program at Delaware State University is to provide students with exceptional intellectual ability, motivation and commitment, with superior learning opportunities that challenge them to reach new levels of academic excellence in scholarship and creativity. Vision As graduates of the DSU Honors Program, our students will become the first choice of employers and graduate and professional schools because of their recognized achievements and potential for success. Goals To provide talented and motivated students opportunities for intellectual growth and achievement, in small, challenging classes that encourage active intellectual participation, discussion and collaboration in the search for knowledge (SLO I); To enhance student skills for analytical/critical thinking, logical examination and appraisal of ideas (SLO II); To enhance student skills for problem solving and decision making (SLO III); To enhance student skills for clear, precise, coherent and persuasive oral  communication (SLO IV) and written communication (SLO V); To engage students in the creative process of formulating a hypothesis, researching those problems and drawing conclusions that lead to either original classroom assignments or larger faculty-mentored research projects resulting in contributions of scholarly work to each student’s chosen field of study (SLO VI); To prepare honors students through experience with department-based honors courses, interdisciplinary colloquia and seminars, and independent study and research to ensure its students academic success (SPO I), to ensure its students earn Honors Program Graduate Certification (SPO II), and to prepare its students for graduate and professional schools (SPO III). SLO = Student Learning Outcomes

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