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Study Tips and Learning Strategies

Academic Study Tips: Links You Can Use… These websites offers academic support tips, tools and links to assist you in your academic courses at Delaware State University. The Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) Program focuses on building skills to be a successful student-athlete, to adjust to the many transitions during the undergraduate experience.  Please feel free to scroll down to the desired subject heading website, and click on it.   For additional information, or assistance, please do not hesitate to visit or call our NCAA Learning Specialist located at the W.C. Jason Library on the 2nd floor, or call 302-857-7304. You may also e-mail her at   GENERAL SKILLS WEBSITES:   ► This site is designed for students of all ages. Gives different approaches to studying in a very simple way and includes examples on techniques involved:   ►This site has a ton of material on many areas of study: Includes test-taking approaches Includes Math, Science, Writing and Reading basics Science links include Lab safety and how to write lab reports Math includes solving linear equations and practice tests ► This site provides On-line study skills workshops:     ► This site provides Study Skills checklist:    ► This site provides a Learning Styles Chart:   ► This site provides On-line Academic success and learning strategy videos:   ► This site covers listening, memorization, note-taking, reading improvement, procrastination, test preparation (including essay prep), time management strategies and schedules:     MATH SKILLS WEBSITES:   ► This site provides lower level math help. However, helps with simple concepts such as percents, practical math, statistics, geometry, and exponents:   ► "Ask Dr. Math," Questions and answers about various math topics:   ► This site provides math reference links, including Internet Mathematics Library for College and Grad level students:   ► This site helps with beginning, college, and intermediate algebra which include over 100 different tutorials that range from help with multiplication to graphing inequalities:   ► This site provides step- by- step explanations for topics in calculus. Also includes calculus applets and animations. In addition, provides links to sample exams from colleges and universities from the United States and tips for preparing for a calculus exam:   ► This site contains tutorials in flash player (flash is needed). It is described in easy to understand terms. The site is currently adding more information, so only topics from limits to The Chain Rule are available:   ►This site consists of java applets that help with understanding algebraic, trigonometric, geometric, and calculus topics:   SCIENCE SKILLS WEBSITES:   ► This site provides General Chemistry help. Includes practice tests, glossary for terms, lab information, and topic review:     ► This site provides Organic Chemistry help, same content as website above:    ► This site provides a breakdown of chemistry topics usually found in high school and beginning chemistry courses; Provides charts and diagrams:   ► This site provides Physics terms:   ► This site provides a list of terms and explanations for physics concepts; Organized by an index:   ► This site provides general physics information aimed at high school and college students:   ► This site provides interactive problems using java and flash involving general physics concepts from friction to Einstein’s theory of relativity:   ► This site includes a large list of topics for college level biology:   ► This site provides tutorials and in-depth explanations for many topics found in high school and college level biology:  

Tutorial Support

Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) Tutoring Policy The Office of Academic Services for Student-Athlete provides via of the Office of Academic Enrichment a free individualized tutoring program to student-athletes in a wide variety of academic courses, such as, but not limited to English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Accounting, and Foreign Language. The procedure for getting a tutor starts as soon as the student-athlete realizes a need for additional help in a particular subject course(s).  Request for a Tutor - Procedures To request for a tutor, the student-athlete should contact their respective ASSA counselor and apply through the “GRADESFIRST” system, located at the W.C. Jason Library, 2nd floor.  All tutoring sessions must be held in the W.C. Jason library, or an approved academic building on campus. Please note:  once you have logged-in onto GradesFirst, select and click “Request Tutor Appt.” for the appropriate class; you should be navigated to the “I am Available on…” screen, point and click anywhere within the box.  GradesFirst will now ask to provide day and times you are available, in addition please enter your DSU ID number and the five (5) digit CRN number. Once a student-athlete completes the “Tutor Request” process, he or she will be notified within 48 hours, for either a one-on-one or small group tutoring session at a mutually agreed time. Guidelines for the most effective tutoring process, please: Be on time for all sessions. Tutors are a support system for all student-athletes and their time is valuable. Be prepared and organized for your sessions. Bring all materials to your tutor session. Take good, legible notes in class and bring the notes to your session. Prepare questions in advance for your tutoring session. Turn off your cell phone during your session. Be respectful of yourself, your tutor, and those around you. Communicate honestly with your tutor. Do your own work. Your tutors are not responsible for completing your assignments. They are responsible for assisting you in gaining a greater understanding of the concepts and materials you are working with. Important: Please attend all your scheduled tutoring sessions. If you are not able to attend a scheduled session, please contact your tutor at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. A student athlete needs to follow up with the Academic Tutor, in so doing please: Let your Academic Councellor know when you where contacted by the tutor advisor Report all missed schedule appointment Demonstrate the process that is being made with the tutor advisor. Let the Academic Tutor know when you have completed your tutoring service.        

Applying to Delaware State University

Please connect with the Office of Admission for specific admissions information and requirements. In order to adhere to the Federal Government guidelines that Delaware State University (DSU) is providing financial aid to students who have met the minimum admissions standards, including that of graduation from a high school, DSU has to verify (on official documentation) that you indeed have completed the necessary requirements for your high school diploma. This policy also applies for students requesting transfer from another institution of higher learning. Important Note:   So as to expedite your admission process it is requested that upon your official acceptance to Delaware State University that you provide an additional official transcript to the Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes either before, or during your official visit to Delaware State.  Our mailing address is:   Delaware State University William C. Jason Library 1200 N. DuPont Hwy Dover DE 19901 Attention: Mr. Eric Hart    

Book Purchase and Return Policy for Student-Athletes

   Book PURCHASE AND RETURN  policy   Student-athletes are afforded the privilege of obtaining books for course curriculum exclusively, utilizing a variety of methods. You may choose to purchase them outright, use financial aid, rent them, or use the Book- Aid entitlement program. If you are unsure of your entitlement to participate in the Book Aid program, please see your head coach for details.         Important: It is illegal to purchase books for individuals other than for whom the voucher was awarded to. If you are found in violation of purchasing books for teammates whether on, or not on book scholarship; friends in your classes, girlfriends, boyfriends, or significant others may result in, but not limited to the following penalties: suspension of privileges in receiving future book scholarships; lost of NCAA eligibility; lost of your team post-season competition privileges; and the possibility of repaying the value of the voucher to the University’s athletics department.          “This is not only a violation of Delaware State University policy regarding fraud, but also the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) which carries very serious penalties - it’s simply not worth it."    ASSA Staff     In addition, you may NOT purchase pens, pencils, paper, school supplies, disposable products such as snacks, gum, chips, or soft drinks, etc., with book scholarships. However, student athletes requiring special supplies i.e.: calculators specifically designed for the curriculum, "iclicker" may be approved on a case-by-case basis after review by your Associate Athletic Director for Compliance.     

Honors Program




The Honors Program at Delaware State University is a key constituent of the university’s Living-Learning Communities. The program is designed to create and nurture a community of academically bright and talented students who value, and are committed to, excellence and intellectual pursuit. It provides students opportunities to engage in classroom processes that de-emphasize formal, impersonal lecturing methods and passive note taking, and instead utilize methods of colloquia and symposia that encourage active intellectual participation, discussion and involvement in the search for knowledge. Mission The mission of the Honors Program at Delaware State University is to provide students with exceptional intellectual ability, motivation and commitment, with superior learning opportunities that challenge them to reach new levels of academic excellence in scholarship and creativity. Vision As graduates of the DSU Honors Program, our students will become the first choice of employers and graduate and professional schools because of their recognized achievements and potential for success. Goals To provide talented and motivated students opportunities for intellectual growth and achievement, in small, challenging classes that encourage active intellectual participation, discussion and collaboration in the search for knowledge (SLO I); To enhance student skills for analytical/critical thinking, logical examination and appraisal of ideas (SLO II); To enhance student skills for problem solving and decision making (SLO III); To enhance student skills for clear, precise, coherent and persuasive oral  communication (SLO IV) and written communication (SLO V); To engage students in the creative process of formulating a hypothesis, researching those problems and drawing conclusions that lead to either original classroom assignments or larger faculty-mentored research projects resulting in contributions of scholarly work to each student’s chosen field of study (SLO VI); To prepare honors students through experience with department-based honors courses, interdisciplinary colloquia and seminars, and independent study and research to ensure its students academic success (SPO I), to ensure its students earn Honors Program Graduate Certification (SPO II), and to prepare its students for graduate and professional schools (SPO III). SLO = Student Learning Outcomes

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