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DSU Student-Athletes Press Release

Delaware State University Student-Athlete "Press Releases" Jul 20, 2012      DSU's Hefflefinger Shines at MEAC Football Event Jun 11, 2012     DSU's Hefflefinger Named MEAC Women-of-the-Year May 24, 2012     DSU Student-Athletes Lead MEAC in Academics Apr. 18, 2012    Collegiate Equestrian “Three Earn NCEA Academic All-American Standing” Apr 11, 2012     Hornet Tennis Scholars Honored by MEAC Nov. 23, 2011   Del State Volleyball Honored Academically. Feb. 17, 2011   DSU's Waters in Running for National Softball Award. Feb. 02, 2011   Six Hornets Named Great West Conference Scholars. Aug. 04, 2010   DSU Washburn Honored by MEAC. Jul.  09, 2010    DSU's Washburn Named 2010 MEAC Women of the Year. May 18, 2010    DSU Tops MEAC All-Academic List.

Forms Library for Student-Athletes

For the convenience of our student-athletes, below you will find the most frequently used forms in electronic versions requested by many. To access a particular form, you simply click on the name of the form requested and download it, (forms are in Adobe Acrobat format).   Although, it is ASSA primary goal to provide our student-athletes with up-to-date information, forms may become outdated. Should you come across such a situation, we asked that you please contact us as soon as possible so that we may immediately take corrective action.   If you are aware of any forms that you would like for inclusion to this site, please email your recommendation(s) to our Content Manager. Thank you.     ► Change of Major/Minor Form   ► Change of Student Personal Data Information Form   ► Course Request Form   ► Course Substitution Form.   ► Memorandum of Agreement: Study Hall Rules and Guidelines Form   ► Minor Verification Form   ► Request for Overload Form   ► Senior Audit Sheet for Graduation Form   ► Student Request to Enroll in Courses at another Institution for Transfer Credit Form   ► Student-Athletes Certification of Compliance Form: ASSA Policy and Procedures Manual   ► Time Management Grid for Student-Athletes   ► Tutor Request Form.    ►  Off-Site Tutoring Request Form   ► Undergraduate Application for Graduation Form  

Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAACs)

  A student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses.   Presently, there are separate national SAACs for NCAA Divisions I, II and III. NCAA legislation mandates that all member institutions have SAACs on their respective campuses. Further, NCAA legislation requires that all member conferences have SAACs.   The information that follows will assist you in understanding how the network of SAACs, from individual campus committees to the conference and/or national committees, interact and support one another to shape intercollegiate athletics policy and enhance the student-athlete experience.   For detail information about Delaware State University S.A.A.C., please feel free to  contact Ms. Mary Hill, Associate AD/SWA 302-857-7633          

Calendar for Student-Athletes

Click here to view 2014 Fall Academic Calendar       

NCAA Academic Learning Services

  Summary of Services:  The NCAA Learning Specialist provides academic learning services to student-athletes who are experiencing academic difficulty. In addition, the Learning Specialist will provide assistance to students who have a diagnosed learning disability and will also provide psycho-educational testing. The Learning Specialist is assisting the student-athletes in maximizing their learning potential by working one-to-one and/or in small groups to help increase their learning strategies and study skills.    Services Available:  The Learning Specialist assists the student-athletes with general learning strategies and study skills. Some of the topics that are discussed are: time and self management skills, reading a textbook (SQ4R), reading comprehension, class and textbook note taking (the Cornell Method), test taking skills (the 5 day Study Plan), tapping into their learning style, and using mnemonics to maximize academic success. The meetings are on an individual, small group or walk-in basis and are strictly confidential. The students-athletes may be referred by their Academic Counselor, their Coach or other Academic Support Center personnel. Ideally, student-athletes and the Learning Specialist will meet regularly in order to monitor progress, analyze problems and determine solutions to challenges faced while navigating Delaware State University academic and intercollegiate life. Do you worry about how you're going to do on a future test? Test anxiety affects your performance at test time, and your ability to focus, memorize, and reason during study time.  Make an appointment to learn how to reduce your anxiety through time management, effective study strategies. Make an appointment with Roberta Durrington, our Learning Specialist.   If a student-athlete has a learning disability, the Learning Specialist will work closely with the Director of Disabilities Services regarding accommodations, assistive technology, campus and community resources, and effective strategies to facilitate success.   The Learning Specialist will collaborate with other campus personnel in order to assist student-athletes in understanding all applicable policies and procedures concerning individuals with disabilities. Any student-athlete may make an appointment with the Learning Specialist to gain insight into their learning styles, academic strategies and for support in identifying services that they can access.  

News You Can Use

  News You Can Use: Behind the Blue Disk   If you have an interest in college sports and the issues associated with them, the "Behind the Blue Disk" * series is for you. This collection of topical one-pagers is formatted in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format that explains the NCAA position on issues in college sports.   We, the team of the Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes at Delaware State University feel that after you had a chance to fix your eyes on the "Behind the Blue Disk" series, you would certainly become more familiar with the position set-forth by the NCAA as you endeavor to pursue both your educational and chosen professional career.   You may find the article titled “Academic Reform" found in the "Behind the Blue Disk" series for both the current or prospective student-athlete, we think you will find it of special  interest... it’s worth checking out!   Should you have any questions about any of the topics listed, please do not hesitate to let us know. After reading all of them, or some, we fell you will become an "Empowered" student-athlete. "Become Empowered Today" * Behind the Blue Disk series provided courtesy of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Updated 3/19/10  

Mission and Vision Statements

  Mission Statement Academic Services for Student-Athletes   Our mission is to provide comprehensive services that will prepare our student-athletes to compete and be successful in the classroom, ultimately fostering an environment conducive to graduating. We are customer-service oriented when engaging with prospective student-athletes and their families. We will be leaders in our conference and provide professional development opportunities to our staff so they can effectively master their craft of service to student-athletes.   Vision Statement Academic Services for Student Athletes   We believe the resources for academic success at Delaware State University are abundant, and we are committed to leading the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) with improved Academic Progress Rate (APR) data, Graduation Rate data, and student-athlete scholars who perform at and above the competitive standards within the conference. It is our belief that ‘team first, individuals second’ will create a new synergy of HORNET Pride.  

NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative



Dr. Jan Blade (Top row, second from left) and the
 2007 DSU Women’s Basketball MEAC Champions

  WELCOME!   Briefly, my role as the Faculty Athletics’ Representative at Delaware State University is to: Report to the President of the University; Assure the academic integrity of the athletics program; Monitor the academic performance of the student-athletes; Deliver academic services to student-athletes; Monitor the student-athlete experience; Meet with the Student-Athlete Advisory Board; Take part in exit interviews of student-athletes as they depart the University; Certify eligibility of student-athletes; Assist with inquiries into alleged or suspected rules violations; and Serve as the chairperson of the Hornets Athletics Advisory Board (HAAB).   The HAAB consists of faculty, administrators, and staff who work to make the DSU experience for all student-athletes as productive, and pleasant as possible.      As the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) for Delaware State University, I invite current and prospective student-athletes to feel free to contact me or stop by my office regarding any academic and/or student well-being questions, concerns, and/or suggestions.   Dr. Jan Blade   Memorial Hall 216 302-857-6607    

Other Academic Services Available for Student-Athletes

  The following services provided by the Academic Support Center located at W. C. Jason Library, 2nd floor.  Please contact the Office of Academic Services at 302-857- 6385 for updates or change of venue. The Academic Support Center is a unit within the Division of Academic Enrichment.     Drop-In Writing Center: Room 207 Student-athletes may drop-in for assistance with any writing assignments. PLATO Reading and Writing is available.   Lab Hours * Hours are posted on lab door each semester.   Drop-In Mathematics Center: Room 212A Students may drop-in for assistance with any Mathematics assignments. Professional staff and peer tutors are available to assist students with solving Mathematics problems in Introduction to Algebra, Algebra A&B, College Algebra, Survey of Mathematics I & II, Trigonometry, and Finite Mathematics. All peer tutors have faculty recommendations, meet strict grade standards, and are trained by the Mathematics Center Coordinator. PLATO Math is available Lab Hours * Hours are posted on lab door each semester.   Drop-in Computer Lab: Room 205 and 206 The Coordinator serves as a resource for technical assistance, information, and study sessions. Students are required to have a current pass code issued by the Academic Computing Office (located at Bank of America Building, Room 313) in order to gain access to computers. .  Lab Hours * Monday-Thursday 9:00am-9:00pm Friday 9:00am-3:00pm (Hours subject to change).  * The Center employs the “drop-in” system, thus no appointment or pre-registration is necessary to participate.   Office of Disability Services: Room 214 Student-athletes with documented learning or physical disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to address their specific needs. In addition, student-athletes, who are struggling with understanding coursework while documenting solid effort, may ask for a screening and/or consultation. Student with temporary disabilities may also apply for services.   Staying-On Course Program (SOC): Room 213 Student-athletes on Academic Probation or Readmitted Suspension are required to participate in academic enrichment activities that promote their return to Academic Good Standing. In addition, students on the SOC program must take and successfully pass a 3 credit elective course titled Learning Strategies for Academic Success, (unless previously taken and passed).     Supplemental Instruction Program (SI): Room 212A Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers weekly study sessions to students taking “historically” difficult course. SI participants meet with their leader and classmates outside of class to discuses challenging concepts and develop study strategies. Students develop a better understanding of course content and learn how to effectively test themselves.  

Study Tips and Learning Strategies

  Academic Study Tips: Links You Can Use…   These websites offers academic support tips, tools and links to assist you in your academic courses at Delaware State University. The Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) Program focuses on building skills to be a successful student-athlete, to adjust to the many transitions during the undergraduate experience.  Please feel free to scroll down to the desired subject heading website, and click on it.   For additional information, or assistance, please do not hesitate to visit or call our NCAA Learning Specialist located at the W.C. Jason Library on the 2nd floor, or call 302-857-7304. You may also e-mail her at   GENERAL SKILLS WEBSITES:   ► This site is designed for students of all ages. Gives different approaches to studying in a very simple way and includes examples on techniques involved:   ►This site has a ton of material on many areas of study: Includes test-taking approaches Includes Math, Science, Writing and Reading basics Science links include Lab safety and how to write lab reports Math includes solving linear equations and practice tests ► This site provides various learning strategy and study skill handouts:   ► This site provides On-line study skills workshops:     ► This site provides Study Skills checklist:    ► This site provides a Learning Styles Chart:   ► This site provides On-line Academic success and learning strategy videos:   ► This site covers listening, memorization, note-taking, reading improvement, procrastination, test preparation (including essay prep), time management strategies and schedules:     MATH SKILLS WEBSITES:   ► This site provides lower level math help. However, helps with simple concepts such as percents, practical math, statistics, geometry, and exponents:   ► "Ask Dr. Math," Questions and answers about various math topics:   ► This site provides math reference links, including Internet Mathematics Library for College and Grad level students:   ► This site helps with beginning, college, and intermediate algebra which include over 100 different tutorials that range from help with multiplication to graphing inequalities:   ► This site provides step- by- step explanations for topics in calculus. Also includes calculus applets and animations. In addition, provides links to sample exams from colleges and universities from the United States and tips for preparing for a calculus exam:   ► This site contains tutorials in flash player (flash is needed). It is described in easy to understand terms. The site is currently adding more information, so only topics from limits to The Chain Rule are available:   ►This site consists of java applets that help with understanding algebraic, trigonometric, geometric, and calculus topics:   SCIENCE SKILLS WEBSITES:   ► This site provides General Chemistry help. Includes practice tests, glossary for terms, lab information, and topic review:     ► This site provides Organic Chemistry help, same content as website above:    ► This site provides a breakdown of chemistry topics usually found in high school and beginning chemistry courses; Provides charts and diagrams:   ► This site provides Physics terms:   ► This site provides a list of terms and explanations for physics concepts; Organized by an index:   ► This site provides general physics information aimed at high school and college students:   ► This site provides interactive problems using java and flash involving general physics concepts from friction to Einstein’s theory of relativity:   ► This site includes a large list of topics for college level biology:   ► This site provides tutorials and in-depth explanations for many topics found in high school and college level biology: