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Honors Program Admission


Pictured are 2013 Honors Program Graduates: Devon Sivels, ReShawn Johnson and Martha Gwengi.

Admission Criteria Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students Incoming freshmen and transfer students may apply for admission into the Honors Program at the same time they apply for admission to the University. Candidates for the Honors Program may apply by simply completing a short Honors Program application HERE and sending all other application materials to the DSU Honors Program. A prospective honors student must have: Admission to DSU without conditions A GPA of 3.25 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) A minimum SAT score of 450 in each of Mathematics and Critical Reading (for incoming Freshmen only) An official high school or college transcript Copies of official SAT scores (for incoming Freshmen only) Two (2) letters of recommendation from high school or college instructors A typed 400-600 word essay explaining the desire to be admitted into the Program A list of academic and extracurricular achievements/awards Continuing Students A continuing student may apply to the Honors Council no later than the beginning of his or her junior year. The requirements for entry include: A GPA of 3.25 or higher An unofficial DSU transcript Letters of recommendation from two (2) DSU faculty members Two (2) letters of recommendation from high school or college instructors A typed 400-600 word essay explaining the desire to be admitted into the Program A list of academic and extracurricular achievements/awards

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NCAA Initial Eligibility

  As a High School student embarks on graduating soon, the very thought of attending college may be over-whelming.  Moreover, you may be faced with many questions, and your expectation is that you receive solid responses from well informed sources.  The answers you received may ultimately affect your educational obtainment in your chosen career path.  One such question may be, “which college will I spend the next four years of my life, and would it also satisfy my desire to participate as a Student-Athlete”. We, at Delaware State University, more specifically, the Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA), are committed in providing our prospective student-athletes with the tools necessary to become that National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Student-Athlete.  The first step is to familiarize yourself with not only the rules that govern NCAA Initial Eligibility, but also bring to your attention the deadline dates that have been put in place by the NCAA. We are confident in providing the below listed websites, that it will not only answer many of those questions you may have, but also assist you with a smooth transition in becoming a… “...NCAA Division I Student-Athlete at Delaware State University”. For additional information, or assistance, please do not hesitate to visit or call our office located at the W. C. Jason Library on the 2nd floor, or call 302-857-7542.  You may also e-mail us.; “KNOW THE RULES” This site provides information on the NCAA Freshman-Eligibility Standards and Quick Reference Sheet. This site provides a sample profile worksheet used at Delaware State to evaluate compliance in qualifying prospective high school students applying for NCAA student-athlete initial eligibility consideration.  As an added bonus, we have provided a sample page that you may use to evaluate your own progress; refer to "Sheet 2"  located at the bottom of sample profile worksheet provided.   This site provides NCAA Academic Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This site provides a direct link to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Excellent source of information for the prospective Student-Athlete, parents or guardians, and High Schools too. This site provides the 2013-2014 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.  

Study Hall Policy for Student-Athletes

  Study Hall required hours are driven by academic performance or lack thereof. Coaches can mandate a set number of hours a student-athlete must be in study hall. Additionally, freshman and new transfer student-athlete required hours may be different than continuing student-athletes who are required to participate in study hall. Study Hall – Rules and Guidelines Hours of Operation:  Three Categories For Freshmen and New Transfer student-athletes: Sundays – 2:00 pm – 9:30 pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – 6:00 pm – 10 pm Tuesdays – 7:00 pm – 10 pm (6:00 pm – 7:00 pm is reserved for the DSU Band members) Fridays – 8:30 am – 3:30 pm   For Commuter student-athletes only:   Academic Services for Student-Athletes announces the following updates to the study hall policy as it pertains to Commuter student-athletes. A commuter student is defined as one who is enrolled at a College or University of their choosing yet resides at home while attending classes. An exception to the current study hall policy has been made to allow commuter student-athletes to earn their required study hall hours during the day time. This provision permits commuter student-athletes with freshman status to earn study hall hours on the following days and times:   Sundays – 2:00 pm – 9:30 pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Fridays – 8:30 am – 3:30 pm   What we will not allow, however, is for commuter students to “pick and choose” when they want to participate in study hall. If this opportunity is abused, for example, "commuter students have the option to come during the day yet come at night with other freshman student-athletes", their privileges will be rescinded and they will be mandated to attend study hall during the normal hours prescribed for freshman student-athletes.  If you have any questions, or for more information regarding the commuter study hall policy for student-athletes please contact the Associate Athletic Director, 2nd floor WC Jason Library.   For student-athletes on Academic Probation:   Academic Probation Student-Athletes – “ these students are strongly recommended to complete hours during the work day while full-time staff are present and with a planned time management grid.” Policy: Study hall hours are reported for the week beginning on Sunday and ending on Friday. Coaches will receive an official copy of the study hall report on Friday afternoons. Student-athletes are required to sign-in and sign-out to receive credit for study hall. FAILURE to sign-in or sign-out will result in “0” credits for study hall (NO EXCEPTIONS) Required study hours are excused when a team is on the road traveling; however, it is STRONGLY encouraged for each team to set up study hall for those required to complete hours. Coaches will have to structure organized study sessions while on the road unless provisions are made (hotel room and travel) for ASSA counselor to set up study sessions. Study Hall Requirements: Incoming First Year Student-Athletes (fall/spring) 10 hours per week Upper-class students (returning and transfer are driven by grade point average: Fall Semester                                                                     10 hours required – Freshman/New Transfers                                                                     Spring Semester 4.00 -  3.50 GPA*       2 hours of SH             may be exempt from SH after spring break (Mar 14) 3.49 – 3.00 GPA*       4 hours of SH              may be exempt from SH after spring break (Mar 14) 2.99 – 2.50 GPA         6 hours of SH              cannot be exempt 2.49 – 2.00 GPA         8 hours of SH              cannot be exempt Below 2.00 GPA         10 hours of SH            cannot be exempt *At the discretion of the team’s academic advisor & head/position coach   Rules for Study Hall Please note: Violations of the listed rules will result in “0” credit for the session. Arriving late for your assigned study hall (if an arrival time is required per your advisor/coach) Arriving unprepared, i.e.: without books, notebooks, or other materials needed to be prepared for your classes is unacceptable. No loud talking, yelling, PROFANITY or horseplay will not be tolerated. No browsing face book, or the internet not particularly related to your class assignment. Headphones/ear buds may be used. The music level must be kept to a minimum so as not to disrupt fellow students. The use of the headphone during study hall is considered a privilege and should not be taken lightly; students in violation will be immediately dismissed. Usage of cell phones, this includes incoming and outgoing calls and text messages are strictly prohibited during study hall. No hats, dew rags, stocking caps, etc… will be worn inside of the library. No missed tutor, mentor, advisor, or counseling appointments; if you have an appointment, you MUST attend. No sleeping at any time!  

Academic Services for Student-Athletes


William C. Jason Library, 2nd Floor
Hours: Mon - Fri  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
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  Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA), housed on the 2nd Floor of the William C. Jason Library, serves as the academic arm of Delaware State University Athletics. The unit houses five full-time staff members, including an Associate Athletic Director, four Academic Counselors.  Academic Services for Student-Athletes serves approximately 300 scholarship and non-scholarship athletes in 18 NCAA Division I sports.   Current Student-Athletes Welcome Letter   Policy Manual   Handbook & Planner   ASSA Calendar   My DESU   NCAA Academic Requirements at a Glance   Book Purchase and Return Policy   Log-on forText Rental   Forms Library   Prospective Student-Athletes Mission Statement   NCAA Initial Eligibility   Transfer Students   International Students   Apply to DSU   Academic Orientation for Student-Athletes  2013-2014   Life Skills Student Athletes  Advisory Committees (SAAC) Awards and Recognition Career Development Read Our ASSA Official Newsletter Welcome to "GradesFirst" DSU ATHLETICS PARTNERS WITH WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS   DSU Administration Faculty Academic Representative   Graduation Success Rates (FED)    NCAA Academic Progress Rate   Statistical Results - Fall 2013     Academic Services Study Tips and Learning Strategies   Study Hall Policies   Tutorial Support   Office of Student Accessibility Services   Other Academic Services   Tools You Can Use RENT-A-TEXT DSU Athletic Press Releases  Frequently Asked Questions    

Meet Our Staff

Eric Hart, Ed.S., Bio
Senior Associate Athletic Director
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Assistant Director 
Phone number: (302) 857-6038
Fax: (302) 857-7538
Academic Counselor
Phone number: (302) 857-7974
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Academic Counselor
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Fax: (302) 857-7538
Academic Counselor
Phone Number: (302) 857-7415
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Awards and Honors

Academic Services for Student-Athletes HONORS AND AWARDS   Academic Services for Student-Athletes experienced unprecedented success during the past and present academic years. The achievement of our student-athletes is a testament to the countless hours spent in study hall; performing in the classroom; student dedication; and academic services staff interaction with students, faculty and staff. Our coaches and support staff are to be commended for the assistance they provided while following up on requests for academic improvement throughout the years. The following outlines some of the highlights from the year, starting with a recap from the DSU Student-Athlete Scholars of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Commissioner’s All – Academic Team 2012-2013 Honors Celebration Award, culminating with many of our student-athletes being recognized for individual and team academic honors.   Please take a moment to view and join us in congratulating our Delaware State University student-athletes honor awardees (click below to view).     2009 – 2010  Departmental Scholars 2009 – 2010  Academic Excellence Awards by College 2009 – 2010  National Honor Societies Inductees   2010 – 2011  Departmental Scholars 2010 – 2011  Academic Excellence Awards by College 2010 – 2011  National Honor Societies Inductees 2011 – 2012 Departmental Scholars 2011 – 2012 Academic Excellence Awards by College 2011 – 2012 National Honor Societies Inductees   2009     President’s and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Fall Semester) 2010     President’s and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Spring Semester) 2010     President's and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Fall Semester) 2011     President's and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Spring Semester) 2011     President's and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Fall Semester) 2012     President's and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Spring Semester) 2012     President's and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Fall Semester) 2013     President's and Deans List: Student-Athletes (Spring Semester)   2009     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Fall Semester) 2010     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Spring Semester) 2010     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Fall Semester) 2011     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Spring Semester) 2011     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Fall Semester) 2012     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Spring Semester) 2012     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Fall Semester) 2013     Hornet Academic Honor Roll: Student-Athletes by Sport (Spring Semester)   2009     Men’s and Women’s Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Fall Semester) 2010     Men’s and Women’s Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Spring Semester) 2010     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Fall Semester) 2011     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Spring Semester) 2011     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Fall Semester) 2012     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Spring Semester) 2012     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Fall Semester) 2013     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Spring Semester) 2013     Men's and Women's Sport Term/Cumulative GPA (Fall Semester)        

Archived Fact Books

Fact Book 2010-11   Fact Book 2009-10   Fact Book 2008-09  

Alton Thompson, Ph.D.

  Alton Thompson, Ph.D. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 407 Administration Building Delaware State University 1200 N. DuPont Highway Dover, DE 19901-2227 (302) 857-6100 - Voice (302) 857-7410 - FAX   Dr. Alton Thompson is the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs at Delaware State University (DSU).  As DSU’s chief academic officer, he oversees all operations related to academic planning and budgeting; program evaluation, assessment and accreditation; educational policies and procedures; professional development; promotion and tenure of faculties, and strategic planning.  His collaborative, energetic and enthusiastic style of leadership has elevated all aspects of the University related to teaching, learning, scholarship and research. Prior to joining Delaware State in July 2010, Thompson was a tenured professor and dean and executive director for Agricultural Programs in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at North Carolina A&T State University for eight years and then served as interim provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs for two years. He earned his bachelor’s degree at North Carolina Central University and his master’s and doctorate from The Ohio State University. Thompson’s academic specialty is in the interface of statistics, research methods, demography, and rural sociology. His research has resulted in the publication of 25 articles in refereed journals, seven book chapters, and a book entitled “Quality of Life among Rural Residents in North Carolina: Community and Life Satisfaction."  His research focus includes agromedicine, rural poverty/development, labor economics, and the structure of agriculture.  Thompson’s grantsmanship has resulted in more than $5.5 million in extra-mural research funds.  Thompson was inducted into the USDA/National Institute of Food and Agriculture Hall of Fame in 2010 and he has also served in leadership roles on the Board of Agriculture Assembly for the Association of Public and State Universities, the 1890 Council of Deans of Agriculture, the Ford Foundation’s Rural Economic Policy Program, Census of Agriculture Advisory Panel of the National Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and the Southern Governors’ Southern Growth Policies Board.  Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of Carolina Farm Credit and the Rural Advancement Fund International. These combined experiences provide him with a depth of understanding of the issues facing the colleges and divisions at Delaware State University.  

Graduation Success Rate

    NCAA Division I Graduation Success Rate (GSR/FGR) Data Delaware State University     The NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR, Division I) and the Academic Success Rate (ASR, Division II) were developed in response to college and university presidents who wanted graduation data that more accurately reflect the mobility among college students today. Both rates improve on the federally mandated graduation rate by including students who were omitted from the federal calculation.   The GSR measures graduation rates at Division I institutions and includes students transferring into the institutions. The GSR also allows institutions to subtract student-athletes who leave their institutions prior to graduation as long as they would have been academically eligible to compete had they remained.     NCAA Graduation Success Rate: 2000-2003 Cohorts: Delaware State University   1999-2002 Cohorts: Delaware State University   Federal Graduation Rate:  2003 Cohorts: Overall Division I (Federal)    2002 Cohorts: Overall Division I (Federal)    Trends in Graduation Success Rates and Federal Graduation Rates at NCAA Division I - October, 2010 Information provided courtesy of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) February 2011  

DSU Student-Athletes Press Release

Delaware State University Student-Athlete "Press Releases" Jul 20, 2012      DSU's Hefflefinger Shines at MEAC Football Event Jun 11, 2012     DSU's Hefflefinger Named MEAC Women-of-the-Year May 24, 2012     DSU Student-Athletes Lead MEAC in Academics Apr. 18, 2012    Collegiate Equestrian “Three Earn NCEA Academic All-American Standing” Apr 11, 2012     Hornet Tennis Scholars Honored by MEAC Nov. 23, 2011   Del State Volleyball Honored Academically. Feb. 17, 2011   DSU's Waters in Running for National Softball Award. Feb. 02, 2011   Six Hornets Named Great West Conference Scholars. Aug. 04, 2010   DSU Washburn Honored by MEAC. Jul.  09, 2010    DSU's Washburn Named 2010 MEAC Women of the Year. May 18, 2010    DSU Tops MEAC All-Academic List.

Forms Library for Student-Athletes

For the convenience of our student-athletes, below you will find the most frequently used forms in electronic versions requested by many. To access a particular form, you simply click on the name of the form requested and download it, (forms are in Adobe Acrobat format).   Although, it is ASSA primary goal to provide our student-athletes with up-to-date information, forms may become outdated. Should you come across such a situation, we asked that you please contact us as soon as possible so that we may immediately take corrective action.   If you are aware of any forms that you would like for inclusion to this site, please email your recommendation(s) to our Content Manager. Thank you.     ► Change of Major/Minor Form   ► Change of Student Personal Data Information Form   ► Course Request Form   ► Course Substitution Form.   ► Memorandum of Agreement: Study Hall Rules and Guidelines Form   ► Minor Verification Form   ► Request for Overload Form   ► Senior Audit Sheet for Graduation Form   ► Student Request to Enroll in Courses at another Institution for Transfer Credit Form   ► Student-Athletes Certification of Compliance Form: ASSA Policy and Procedures Manual   ► Time Management Grid for Student-Athletes   ► Tutor Request Form.    ►  Off-Site Tutoring Request Form   ► Undergraduate Application for Graduation Form