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Spring 2016 

Inorganic Chemistry 

Fall 2015






Novel Catalysts for Biodiesel

Dr. Cheng-Yu Lai

Dr. Cheng-Yu Lai

Associate Professor, Tenure-track 
Department of Chemistry



Postdoctoral FellowThe Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA (2005-2007)  

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2004

Prior Appointment

Senior Research Chemist, DuPont Central Research and Development, Experimental Station, Wilmington, DE (2007-2012)

Curriculum Vitae




Our research focuses on nanoparticles science. Three major directions are pursued:

1. Solution processed solar cells with absorber layer made from nanoparticles precursors

Daniela Radu, Assistant Professor

Dr. Daniela Radu

Assistant Professor, Tenure-track


 Ph.D. in Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2004. Advisor: Dr. Victor S.-Y. Lin 

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program



Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at Delaware State University Are you looking for an exciting career where your contributions will make a difference?  Consider the challenging world of teaching and change the lives of students as a highly qualified teacher. Senior STEM majors are invited to apply for a 1-year Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, which is funded by the National Science Foundation. Noyce Scholarships are intended for students who plan to pursue a K-12 mathematics or science teaching career and are enthusiastic about teaching in a high-need school district. The scholarship will provide  $20,000 for each Noyce Scholars while they complete their teacher certification requirements in the MAT program. Qualifications Graduating seniors majoring in Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer & Information Sciences, Mathematics, or Physics only; At least a 3.0 GPA; and Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or have permanent resident status. Application Process Complete application Letters of recommendation by at least two faculty members Unofficial Transcripts Essay about interest and experience in STEM and teaching Qualified scholarship finalists will be granted an interview for the program. Preference given to applicants who have experience in STEM research. Program Requirements Remain a STEM major until graduation; Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; Participate in the Noyce Scholarship Program meetings and events including Saturday Round Tables; Attend at least one regional or national education conference; Enroll in and successfully complete the MAT program; and Enroll in and successfully complete the EDUC 502, First Year Teaching Seminar (3-credits). Complete 2 years of teaching in a high-need school district for each year of NSF-funded financial support.   If a student fails to meet the requirements for maintaining his/her scholarship, including enrolling in and completing the MAT program, and completing teaching obligation, the scholar will be required to repay all of the scholarship funds already awarded.  





Application Deadline: 

February 26, 2016


For more information, contact

Dr. Nicola Edwards-Omolewa

Department of Mathematical Sciences

ETV 107


Executive Committee

Dr. Nicola D. Edwards-Omolewa, Chair (PI), Department of Mathematics

Dr. Sabrina McGary, Department of Biology (co-PI)

Dr. Tomasz Smolinski, Department of Computer & Information Science (co-PI)

Dr. Cherese Winstead, Department of Chemistry (co-PI)

Dr. Nirmaljit K. Rathee, Department of Education, (co-PI)

Dr. Pablo Ulises Suarez Joya

Pablo Suarez

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Delaware State University Dover, DE 19901
Tel: (302) 857-7583 E-mail:


PhD 2009, Mathematics, Renselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY